Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 4 Weeks!

Baby Anndalyn celebrated her 4 week birthday on Saturday. She is getting so big. This week we go in for her 1 month well baby visit so we'll get to see just how big she is. Everyday I amazed at what an easy baby she is. The quads were so hard and so scary. They were also so skinny and still are so skinny. Annie seems like such a chunky monkey compared to them. She has ROLLS all over, on her bottom, her legs, and her arms. They are so cute. They other 4 never had rolls and still don't. People keep saying that breastfed babies can't be fat but I think she is going to prove them wrong.

She has started to smile at me when I talk to her. I am having a hard time catching it on camera because I'm usually multitasking. I'm going to get it though. Next time.

Anthony- I'm not sure what this look means. He looks so innocent though.

Jaileigh in her new Hawaiian dress sliding down the slide.

Michael telling me "no, no, no"! I'm not sure what I did wrong.

Jakob crawling out of the tube.

Anthony trying to get Michael. Check out Michaels static hair.

Hope your weekend was amazing!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie!!! Kisses to you, I love you!!

Marcia said...

she is so cute!! everything will seem so different with her, she will be an eaiser baby because there is only one and not 4!! I remember a friend who had twins saying how easy one was after having twins...

nicole said...

so sweet!
My breast fed babies were enormous!
Each single child used to put on 1 kg a month! And I the mother was sooo skinny!
Our triplets were just normal...
But now as adults they are all tall and skinny! :-)))
they ended up the same!

**G** said...

LOL, whoever said that had NO clue!!! I BF'd all three of my babies and they were all little chunkers!! Oh, they thinned out when they started walking but counting rolls used to be LOTS of fun for us!!!