Monday, June 28, 2010

Bragging Rights!

We had our first major injury that required a hospital visit. If you know my little quaddies I am sure all of you can guess which one it was. . . . .

Yep thats right-

Mr Jakob my daring little monkey boy.

On Saturday we were going to our friends work party. They were having a carnival party at a local high school. We decided to take the RV because of Annie being so little still and the party was outside. Also, if the quads got tired they could go inside and play or cool off. We stopped for gas so I let them play around. Anthony and Michael were laying down being silly. Jake decided to walk over them and right as he walked over Anthony, Anthony kicked his leg up tripping Jake. Jake fell and hit a metal part of the couch resulting in his injury. As soon as it happened I knew he needed stitches. The wound was small but really deep. Luckily the hospital was 5 minutes away. Thank goodness Mike knew the area. We were in a different city than the one we live in so I was clueless on even where to go for help. I was going to call our Pediatrician. I'm sure he would have been thrilled to receive a call from his "quad mom" on a Saturday.

I ran Jake in to the emergency room while Mike stayed in the RV with the other babies. 2 hours later we left with 4 stitches. They couldn't glue it because of where it was located and how deep it was so we had to endure the whole "papoosing" ordeal. It was AWFUL!!!!! I stayed in the room and helped to hold him down. I am usually a big baby when it comes to needles and blood and guts on someone I love but I watched the whole thing. I hope this never happens again but with 3 rough and tough boys I am sure it will. Papoosing is when the wrap the baby up in a sheet like a burrito so they can't move. It's really scary for the baby and I can't imagine if they are claustrophobic. They told me that the shot would be the only thing that hurt him. Man they are ruthless when they give shots! They jabbed the needle all over in the wound and around it. I wanted to cry for him. Jake didn't cry until they started the second stitch. He was such a trooper.

When they were all done with the stitching I hurried and took the sheet/papoose off him. He was drenched in sweat and was shaking. What an awful ordeal for both of us. Within 2 minutes he was fully recovered and trying to escape. He did cry one more time. He wanted his band aid off and I wouldn't take it off. He is back to his crazy, wild, happy self. He still climbs on everything. What a character!

I was trying to entertain him with glove balloons but he kept popping them.

We missed the party but our friends saved us food so we went over after.
Jakob (with the bandaid), Michael, Kari, Jaileigh, and Anthony

Jake today without his bandaid on. The only time I could get him to hold still was at naptime.

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Sunny said...

Poor little thing! The same thing happened to Alex when he soared off of our bed at 18 mos. They had to papoose him and seemed to forget that we were there waiting for the dr. I finially made them unwrap him--just to have to be wrapped up again 5 min later. It was not fun!