Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Update

Finally an update. Sorry for the long wait. Things have been busy around here while we get used to our new addition. One of these days I will write down the whole story in detail. For now here is the short version.

On Friday/Saturday morning I went in to labor. At 7:00 am Mike and I went to the hospital. When I received my epidural my blood pressure dropped too low. They tried to raise it several times with epedra but couldn't get me stable. Annie was in distress so the call was made to do an emergency C-section. When they were delivering Annie they found the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. Annie was delivered at 2:55pm. She weighed 7 lbs 6 ounces and was 21 inches long. She is beautiful!

Before delivery

Baby Annie's first picture

After delivery in the recovery room

Finally together
Daddy and the baby princess

During the C-section Annie received a little cut to her cheek

Going home- Monday morning we were officially released. Hooray!
Before we left they had to remove Annie's ankle bracelet. Every newborn at Loma Linda has to wear one of these so they aren't stolen. Around 5 am Annie got her bracelet off and set off the alarms. The nurses came running in to see what had happened.

On our way out

I was so excited to see my little quaddies. I missed them so much. They were really excited to see mom again and to meet their new sister. Jakey checking her out.

Jake and Jaileigh

The boys putting together the swing

Jake and Annie

Anthony finally warmed up to baby Annie

Auntie Kari helping Michael.

Jaileigh giving Annie loves with GaGa's help

The boys checking out the new baby that is still around.

Baby Annie


Mitchell4 said...

She's sooo-o cute. The Quads must be in love.

nennermommy said...

She is beautiful!!! I hope I get to come out and see them all very soon :)

Congrats Mommy and Daddy!

The Cochran Crew said...

Congrats! She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amber she is gorgeous!!!! Jakey's hair is soo cute:) makes me miss maj's long hair!!! you are amazing such a great mom... k my turn can come anytime now:)

Moni Graf said...

this post made me tear up! what a beautiful "surprise" miss annie is. i can't even imagine how different this pregnancy must have been.

i hope the whole family is adjusting well to your new addition. fun times ahead! best of luck and congrats on your healthy, gorgeous new baby girl.



Sara Ann said...

Congratulations! She is so cute and I love her name! :)

L. Christensen said...

She's beautiful! The quads look happy with their sister, especially Micheal! I'm anxious to hear how they get along with new baby Annie. :) Thanks for posting Amber. LaDawn

Fiori Family said...

Oh our sweet friends... I found myself with tears running down my face as I read and looked at pictures... Tears of happiness! Annie is BEAUTIFUL and her big sister and brothers are going to do amazing with her! I'm so excited that Jaileigh has a little sister... We can't wait to come over for a visit when you guys are ready for company! I'll bring dinner, dessert and snacks!! We're so excited!!! ~HUGS~

Karmann and Ryan said...

What a sweet post! So glad that things turned out ok and that she is here safe and sound! THe quads look so big next to her! I love Jakey's hair!! Miss you tons!!! Love you!

Ana said...

Congratulations for the brand new Anndalyn Grace, so cute!
It`s wonderfull that Jaileigh now has a young sister!!!
Best regards,
Ana & Ado + 4 (Brazil)