Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Gymnasts

We were lucky enough to be invited to a private gymnastics class last week. I was so excited to take the kiddos because they are such monkeys. I knew they would enjoy something like this. Caroline, our wonderful friend, came with us. Thank goodness! Each baby ended up needing a helper. I couldn't have done it alone. My camera was on a wierd setting and I didn't figure it out until days later so a lot of these pictures are really poor quality.

Michael giving Anthony the eyeball, I think he's really encouraging him along.

Anthony and Jaileigh. Jaileigh was not a happy camper. She was teething a molar and did not feel good. This look pretty much sums up her day.

I think Caroline had fun too! Here she is helping Anthony on the trampoline.

Jakob is my shy boy. This is how he spent the first 5-10 minutes-SAD and SHY. Ms Sharon is helping him.

Then he changed his mind when he got to the trampoline. He got the biggest grin on his face and took off running just as fast as his little legs could carry him, leaving Ms Sharon in the dust. She had to run after him he was so fast. After this he had a blast.

The boys- Jakob, Michael, and Anthony
Jaileigh and Michael

Jakob and Anthony. Anthony has a look of pure happiness on his face.

Caroline helping Anthony roll down and I think Michaels helper helped him to flip down. Michael loved his helper. When it was time to go he wouldn't let go of her hand. He grabbed my hand and held on to hers too.

Michael and Anthony doing the beam

Michael and Anthony

The last activity they got to do was the foam pit. It was a huge pit with a trampoline on the bottom and foam squares filling it. The babies thought this was so fun. They even jumped off the side into it like it was a swimming pool. Here are the boys- Michael (you can only see his head), Anthony, and Jakob

Jakob- bad picture but you can see how happy he is


Jaileigh even enjoyed the pit

Michael- on the left. He jumped in to the guy in the red shirt
Jaileigh and Jakob on the far right
Anthony- out of the pit on the mat