Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

One of the last times we went to the zoo we decided to buy them souvenirs. We bought them toy animals and they have loved these! They play with them several times each day. Even though we have the Little People animals so they still love these more. One day after naps they got their animals and went and sat on the couch together.

Michael, Jake, Anthony, and Jaileigh

Michael thinks something is funny. Jake and Anthony are teething on their giraffes. They are both cutting canine teeth. OUCH.

Anthony and Jaileigh. She looks really enthused. I probably asked her to tell me what animals she had.

Jaileigh kissing her monkey
Jake and his giraffe

Michael and the hippo

Anthony and the other giraffe. Does anyone know what sound a girafffe makes? I don't!

Anthony and Jaileigh are having a conversation about the monkey and Michael and Jakob are listening intently.

I couldn't resist this picture because of Jake's grin.

Now they are conversing about the turtles.


Kimberly & Alex said...

adorable pics, they're looking so grown up. i'm amazed how long them seem to be sitting still just playing with those toys!

Marci said...

I've heard (not verified) that giraffes don't have vocal chords so they don't MAKE a sound!! Miss you...

King Quads said...

Your kids are so cute. Jaileigh is cracking me up in these pictures...that face. She looks just like her daddy in these pictures and a lot of the recent ones. Those boys are going to be so much fun this summer.

P.S. I love that last picture of all of the boys looking at their sissy.

-K said...

Super cuteness. Great blog.