Friday, April 16, 2010

We Travel Together, Thank You

I have noticed lately that the babies tend to stick together when they are playing. We have thousands of toys to play with so they could all be doing their own thing. For the most part they play together and then move on to the next thing. I really noticed this when I started taking them to a play class on Tuesdays and church on Sunday. In the classes they travel together from activity to activity. They do play with the other kids too and include them in whatever they are doing but they really seem to like each other.  There are times too, when they each need their alone time and they will break off and do their own thing.

Michael (blue), Jaileigh (pink), Jakob (green), and Anthony (red) 

Jake with his golf clubs watching Jaileigh and Michael investigate the bike

and on to the BBQer

True Love! Sitting in the weeds with the kids has to be a sign of true love!
Jakob, Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh with Gina

Jaileigh, Bill, Anthony, and Michael

Jakob found the best seat! Anthony is telling them a story.

What could be better- weeds, babies, sunny days, and great friends!


The Cochran Crew said...

Love the Ed Hardy onesies!! Too cute!!!!!

Ado said...

Dear Amber,
The quads looks beautifull!
Did you tried to take diaspers during this summer, didnt you?
Our girls has complete 01 year old last thusday (April 15th) and we've had a great party!
Have a nice week!
Ado & Ana + 4