Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally . . . New Pictures

Snack time on the floor. Jake, Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael

Anthony is kissing Jaileigh's toe for some reason

and now he thinks he is funny

Michael messing with Jaileigh's feet now. She isn't thinking this is funny anymore.
Anthony is giving Jakob a ride on the lawn mower while Michael watches
Future blackmail picture of Michael. I'm sure daddy isn't too happy about this. Hey, he's well rounded!
Anthony practicing for when he has a real one.
Jaileigh ready for work- I guess she's well-rounded too. Look how cute Anthony is in the background.
Michael wanted his picture taken too.
Jake's going to work too.


Cali Quad Squad said...

Omg I can not possibly be more in love with these kids!!! I feel so lucky to get to see them (and you) this weekend. I laughed so hard (and loud) at the picture of Michael,that all of the patients in the ER got whiplash wondering where that sound was coming from! Adorable,every picture! Adorable! Love you guys!

Kim and Jim said...

I don't know how you get such great photos of your kids- then again, they are totally adorable! Love reading the updates!

jess said...

oh my gosh!! this was tooooooo funny amber!!! i LOVE the blackmail picture of michael... =) miss you guys!