Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Special Visitor

Michael scrubbing the floor for me. What a big helper!
The babies and I have had a rough couple of days. I think they are tired of me and missing their daddy. They are really pushing all my buttons. Yesterday they ganged up on me. Two of them distracted me while the other two pushed the cabinet with all the tv and internet cables away from the wall and unhooked all the wires. Here is a picture of Jake in time-out.
Today we had a special visitor- Jessica. She was one of our best NICU nurses and still is! We love her. You can see how much the babies love her.

Snack time!

We were trying to get them to sit for a picture but of course they wouldn't and then I noticed Michael didn't have pants on. Ohh well. Here's the group shot.

Anthony reading a story to Jessica

Michael wants to be part of the story time too. He is doing his fish lips.

Jessica brought books, bubbles, and bunny ears. The babies love bubbles.

Jaileigh and her bunny ears. She is posing for her picture.

"Really, mommy lets us do it allll the time!" the babies trying to sweet talk Jess. This is the cabinet that they pushed away from the wall. You can see Jake trying to do it again. Anthony is standing on a bin messing with the DVD player, Michael telling her to get down ALL of the bins so they can play with ALL the animals, and Jaileigh is checking out Jess's pedicure.

Today was Jakes naughty day. He confiscated Jessica's phone from her and dialed 911. Jessica hurried and hung up but the dispatcher called back. Within 10 minutes there was an officer at our door. The babies were at the window to welcome him. When he came to the door he said, "Well I see there are quite a few babies here." Yes, there are!
***I finally put captions to the pictures on the Strawberry Cupcake post if you would like to check back. ***


Triple Threat said...

Hi to your beautiful family! I was wondering where you found those adorable little chairs that you have lined up for them. I'd love to fins something similar for my three!

Amber said...

Thank you triple threat! Their grandpa made the chairs for them for Christmas. We love them!

sharon said...

OMG! How funny! Jakey was being NAUGHTY!!! Well, I'm so sad I couldn't visit with Jessica today. I promise one of these days I'm gonna come!!! =) Hope all is well Amber!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Jakers!19 months and a police record! Grandpa thinks the time out chair was a little rough for a first time offense!