Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monkey Time!

The babies are ready for their magic carpet ride. They love being pulled around on blankets. Its better than Disneyland.   Jakob, Anthony, Michael, and Jaileigh
Jakob is checking out Michaels belly and Jaileigh is trying to check out Jake's
Jake is tickling Michael
Anthony is kissing his monkey that matches his PJ's
Anthony with Michael being silly
Jaileigh modeling her new PJ's and her hairbow that finally fits in her hair.
Jake being silly.
The babies conspiring against us. They held a "meeting" at the end of the hall and then . . .
split up and tried to open all the doors. Luckily height is not on their side, yet.
Michael squishing himself into the little, tiny bucket.
Michael pulling Anthony in the bucket. Anthony fits in it a little better than Michael does.
Looking for the dogs on the other side of the wall.
Grandma reading to the babies.


Jen said...

That is too funny! Why do they always try to squish themselves into little baskets, tubs, buckets, etc. They are growing up so fast, huh? Adorable!!! :)

Kimberly & Alex said...

simply precious

L. Christensen said...

Hey, I see their grandma! I haven't seen her in ages. :) These fun daily posts are so darling. Thanks Amber!

HT said...

My kids are almost four years old, but they still love to be pulled around on a blanket in the house!