Monday, March 1, 2010

Hamburgers Anyone?

Since Mikes been gone we decided to treat ourselves to some fast food so mom didn't have to cook. wooo hooo. The babies seemed to enjoy their burgers and fries. I think they really enjoyed eating it like the grown ups because I didn't cut the burgers up like I normally do.

Anthony sharing his bun.
Jakob enjoying the fries

Jakob found the burger.

Michael found the hidden stash of french fries in the bag and ran and hid so he didn't have to share.

Jaileigh enjoying her burger. I guess it was too big because she gave me 1/2 the bun, that or she's cutting back on her carbs.

This is Anthony right after he tooted. You think he's proud?
This is Michael right after Anthony tooted. I'd say poor Jaileigh having to deal with these boys but she enjoys burping and tooting just as much as they do. They love it when you say "excuse you" after they burp, toot, cough, or sneeze. They will even fake sneeze or cough so that I will say it.