Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodbye Grandma!

We miss you and LOVE you!

Grandma left Monday morning after an unplanned extended stay. She was only supposed to stay until Thursday or Friday because Mike was supposed to be home. When we found out Mike wasn't coming until Monday she decided to stay. THANK GOODNESS!!!! She saved me from insanity!

We loved having her stay with us and wish she lived with us permanently (Grandpa you can come too)! The whole time she was here all I had to do was play with babies, she took care of everything else. She was the amazing Super-Grandma!

"NO, Ga-ga you can't leave me!" Jaileigh in true tantrum form because her ga-ga left.

The boys lined up at the window waving bye-bye.. The rest of the day the were in their worst forms, letting me know how they felt about their Grandma leaving.

Grandma leaving : (

Thanks Grandma for coming and thanks Grandpa for letting us have her!

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