Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dancing, Potato Head, Ice Cream, and more

Dear Daddy,
Here are some pictures just for you! We miss you and love you. We will be so happy to see you when you get home. We are trying to be very good for mommy. We helped her wash the windows the other day, with yogurt and we cleaned up all the cheerios, after we dumped them out. We have been trying really hard not to bite each other too. Hurry home so we can give you big hugs and kisses.

Love, Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob

Gina entertaining the kiddies with Mr and Mrs Potato Heads

Jaileigh wanted to wear Mrs Potato Heads earrings. Such a girl!

Jakob doing the "Bill dance" All the babies love to dance and they do this funny dance that our friend Bill taught them so we call it the Bill dance.

Anthony doing the "Bill dance"
Michael, what are you doing in the corner? I think I smell something stinky!~

Our best bud, Karen brought us Chick-Fil-A. YUM!

Friday the weather was in the 70's and today we had HAIL! 


Four babies 4 us said...

I love the earrings! Oh, and how wonderful of them to "wash" your windows...made me laugh!

Miss you!

Sara Ann said...

That is so funny, you are an amazing mother to keep up with those babies! They are so darling:)