Saturday, October 31, 2009

Helping Out In The Kitchen

This morning we made Hootnannies (some people call them German Pancakes). The babies got to "help" cook.

Michael and Anthony
Jakob, Anthony, and Jaileigh

Anthony and Michael


Jaileigh being silly

Jake and Anthony

Jaileigh- teething on the spoon

Jake giving his over the shoulder flirty look


Jake being coy

Anthony and Jake- yes, he is trying to hit Anthony with his spoon

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Big Sneak Peak

Jakob- You can tell how excited he is.
Michael does not like the head piece . . .

he is perfectly content without it.
I think that Anthony likes his costume too.

Can you guess what Jaileigh is going to be? Her costume needs a little sewing done on it so she didn't get to take her picture.

Moved- YUCK

Yes, we have moved. Oct 16 was the big day. Crazy, crazy, crazy! Now that its over I can say how crazy we were. We moved into a bigger house on one level with a HUGE yard. Our old house was a two story and was getting to be too hard. The babies love the new house. They have more space to run in and to get messy.

One weekend our friend Karen came over to help us pack. We put Mike in charge of the babies and Karen and I packed the bottom level of the house. Thank you Karen!

"The WALL" We built a wall to keep the babies and daddy blockaded. It worked well until the babies figured out that they could climb on it.

Daddy's tuckered out. Jaileigh must be too. The boys are anything but tired.

The babies were allowed in the kitchen when we had packed most of it and they had so much fun playing.



Michael giving us a grin.

Anthony, Michael and Jakob trying to figure out how to squeeze in too.

"Boys, what are you up to?" Jaileigh peaking around the corner.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peek A Boo

The videos are of Jaileigh and Jakob. They started playing this all by themselves. Too Cute! Turn off the music on the bottom so you can hear them giggling.


Peek A Boo from Amber DeMaria on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oceanside Beach

On one of our RV trips we went to the Oceanside beach. The boys LOVED it and Jaileigh hated it. She did not like the sand getting on her and screamed until we wiped it all off with wipes. We have since been back to the Santa Barbara beach and the same thing- the boys love it and Jaileigh hates it. Lets hope she outgrows this!

Mom and the boys playing in the water.
Michael- as you can see, he tasted the sand. Yum!
Jakey and his big pile of seaweed. GROSS

Anthony and Michael


Michael and his friend the rock. He found this rock and carried it around for a long time.


Jake making a sand castle

Michael- the boys all liked the texture of the sand on their hands and feet. They would rub it around and squish it. It was cute to watch them explore.

Jake and Michael

Anthony and is first few steps. He was trying to figure out whether he liked it or not.

Jaileigh right before she started screaming. You can see the look of disgust on her face already.
Michael and Anthony. The pants they have on are size 3-6 month- sad I know. I need to go get them new winter clothes. The weather here hasn't really turned too cold so I am trying to hold out a little while longer.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Loving the RV

The RV was one of our best purchases, I think. My husband has a different opinion, he thinks it is a money pit and it probably is but in this time of RSV lockdown it means FREEDOM for me and the babies. We can jump in the RV and go on a mini vacation without having to worry about germs.

Jake is king of the throne

Not anymore- the rest decided to invade his little bit of space.

Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony- trying for the perfect picture
not yet-
and not again. Where is Jake?
Still holding his ground in his own private chair.

Funny Jaileigh

Jaileigh has been quite entertaining lately. She is quite the ham and knows it.

Grandma and Jaileigh. Grandma came to help us move. We moved last weekend into a bigger house that doesn't have stairs. Hooray! We are so glad Grandma came because it was sure rough on the babies and she helped so much! We love you Grandma!

I was washing dishes the other night and Jaileigh was sitting on the counter watching. She decided she wanted a bath and started climbing in the sink with the dirty dish water. I put her in her old bath tub, the one from the NICU and she was happy as could be.