Monday, August 31, 2009

Our House Has *4* Walkers

I am happy to announce that we have 4 walkers in the house. Jaileigh has finally decided that she wants to walk. She is only taking 2-3 maybe 4 steps at a time but at least she is trying- FINALLY! I have Jakob walking on video but I can't get it to load on the blog. I've been trying for a week now and no luck. My computer is in the shop (has been for 4 weeks, stupid HP) so I am using Mikes work one. That may or may not be the problem. One day I will get it loaded for all of you followers.

We have been busy. On Friday we went to meet our new doctor. We have been traveling 30 minutes to get to our pediatrician and I finally decided that we needed to find a closer one. Changing doctors is always scary especially when you have 4 little babies whose care is so critical, like it was the first little while we had them home.

Dr "A" is our new doctor and I LOVE him! We were so lucky and blessed to get in to his office. About 2 months ago I tried to get in and they told me he wasn't accepting new patients. A month ago I had my husband call and explain that we were referred to him and that we had quadruplets and they let us schedule an appointment! Hooray the "quad card" worked! He is the first doctor not to stress me out about the babies weights. He said they were perfect- how could I not love him! He also said I can have a handicap plaque for my car so that I won't have to park 500 miles away and try and get 4 babies in and out of places without them getting heatstroke. Enough about that. I'm happy.

Saturday we went to the zoo again. I'll post pictures of that later. On our way home we had a little mishap in the RV. More on that later too. Now for the good part- the pictures. Ladies in the land of DIXIE do you notice the FLYER BLUE shirts. Those are just for you!

Michael and Jaileigh

Jaileigh- look at the grin. She is such a little stinker.

Jakob trying to eat the grass. I don't know why he does that but every time we are outside he is trying to eat it.

Michael sharing his ball

Anthony is always low riding his pants. Megha decided to try and fix that problem and she "Steve Urkeled" him. She pulled his pants up to his armpits and tucked his shirt in. I don't think that he appreciated it. The "Urkel" moment was short-lived, his pants fell back down minutes later.

Jaileigh and the grin again. This is a classic Jaileigh pose. Crawl position and huge grin on her face, nose just a little wrinkled.
Anthony is excited about something. Oh, his girlfriend is on the phone. Ha ha
This is a classic Jakob- Huge grin. Look at those uneven teeth. I hope that when they all come in they will all be even. For right now we just call him the "hillbilly"
Michael was being so CUTE! I have soooo many good pictures of him from this day. He is such a sweetie. He is going to melt some girls hearts someday! The DeMaria Gang. Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh (typical girl-on the phone), and Jakey
Jake thinks somethings funny

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun Random Pictures

"Oh my goodness, it was sooooo funny!" Jakey is telling us

Jake your losing your milk

Ha ha, I get 2 bottles- Michael thinks that he needs 2 of everything.

Mikey passed out. He ran too hard and the next thing I knew he was fast asleep.

Reading stories to himself. My kids all love books and will sit and read to themselves. What a blessing!
Anthony being coy

Jaileigh removed her clothes and wandered around waving them. She does not like to be dressed and really doesn't like having her diaper on. She also helps out her brothers and takes off their diapers too. Long gone are the clothes-less diaper roaming days. The babies all love their diapers off and all know how to take them off.

Mikey in the corner. This is one of the babies favorite places to play.

Mikey and his friends, Piglet and Elmo

Jakey in the middle of a yawn and still grinning from ear to ear.

Caught in the middle of diaper-removal. Look at his face. He KNOWS he's been caught too!

Hmmmm this spoon is pretty good.

Mikey the "muscle-boy"

Jaileigh loves climbing into small things.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Best Friends

Anthony* Michael* Jakob*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ball Pit

For the babies birthday we bought them the Eezy Peezy Ball Pit and Play Area. Since the house we live in is so SMALL we don't have room to put it up so someone suggested we put the balls in the play pen. That is just what we did. The babies had a "ball"! I think they are a little too young to totally enjoy the balls but it was something different and interesting for them.

Anthony and Jaileigh




A special "Good Morning" to the ladies at Grandpa Tom's work. This post is just for you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prayers Needed for Sextuplets

The Stansel Family delivered their sextuplets on Aug 4 just a day short of 23 weeks. Two of their precious babies passed away and the other four are fighting hard to win the battle. The Stansel family could use your prayers right now. Their little Braden is fighting an infection and Ashlyn, Rachel and Haley are fighting hard. These little miracle babies could use some extra prayers, as could their exhausted parents. You can follow them at the link below.

Fun Times At Our House

Just some fun pictures I thought I would post. Happy Wednesday! It's Hump Day! Hooray!

Anthony showing off his mad skills. He can squeeze in between the high chairs and then he can get out. Side walking takes talent!

Michael climbed in this basket all by himself and sat down. Jaileigh saw him in it and decided that she wanted to sit in it too so she crawled in as well. She plopped down on his lap. It was too funny!

Jaileigh has turned into our little climber. I found her climbing the book basket the other day. If I leave diaper boxes out she climbs those too. She is my most fearful baby yet she climbs?!
"Is there something on me?" Look at Jakes eyebrows! They are so expressive of how he is feeling. The feather must have been tickling him.

Bath time- Can you tell the kids love their bath. In fact they cry when they have to get out.

Michaels Feelings About Ms Sharon's Games

This is how Michael feels about ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). Look closely.

Look at Jake checking him out.

Not really. He was just really tired that day.

ECI comes to our house once a week and works with the babies to make sure they are right on target with their skills. Ms Sharon is our teacher and the babies absolutely LOVE her! They get so excited when she walks in the door. Anthony starts showing off his mad skills as soon as she walks in. Even Jaileigh likes to show off for Sharon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

In Our Own Little World and Weights

Here are the weights from the babies 1 year doctor visit.

Anthony "Speedy" DeMaria 17.3 lbs
Michael "Charlie Brown" 19 lbs
Jaileigh "Princess" DeMaria 15 lbs
Jakob "Flirt" DeMaria 17.6 lbs

Our babies are so cute (I think they are the absolute cutest babies ever but I am probably a little prejudiced). They play together now and are the best of friends. Where one goes they all go. Here they are having a quad-only moment on their magic carpet.

Mikey, Jaileigh, Jakob and Anthony

Jaileighs blowing kisses to her daddy

There he is.

Daddy's scrubbing the sidewalk and cleaning out the pool.

Jake REALLY wants to help. "Pick me, pick me daddy!"