Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 11 Month Birthday! & Zoo Pictures!

Boy Time Flies! I can't believe the babies will be a year old in one month. A year ago this week I was put in the hospital. AAAHHHHH it brings back so many memories. WOW! A year. I am speechless. Enjoy the pics! Hopefully I will find words for their 1 year birthday.

Anthony and his flirtatious grin

Anthony and Miss Megha being cool

Look at those teeth!
Michael and his enormous blue eyes

Michael loving the pool too! I have little water babies. They cry when they have to get out.

Jaileigh ready to go

Jaileigh- I left the room for a minute and when I came back in Jaileigh was inside this box. No one knows how she got in it. So, we took a picture.

Jakey loving the pool

Jakob has his hair all dolled up= which girl are you trying to impress this time little dude?

I was also able to get my pictures off of our camcorder from the ZOO. We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park last week with Rori and Grandma, who by the way decided to desert us and went home to Grandpa on Saturday. We are feeling quite lonely now and the babies are of course very spoiled. Mommy is having a hard time pretending to be 3 people when I am only one. Anyway, back to the zoo. The weather was HOT! The zoo had misters all over and we spent the majority of the time searching for misters to walk under. All in all, I think that fun was had by all. The babies love getting out and seeing new things. This was one of Rori's requests so she was happy and Grandma is just happy being with her babies.

Michael trying to get a drink. All the babies think they are big now and need to eat and drink big people food.

Mom and Jakey- relaxing and cooling off in the shade

Rori having a rare "moment" and Anthony lounging in her lap

Our resting spot- this blanket has been everywhere, motel rooms, parks, beaches, zoos, baseball games, etc. It is a lifesaver.

Little Jaileigh Bug giving some attitude

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Krazy Kouple

We had a visit from the Krazy Kouple all the way from Arizona. Ryan and Karmann came to visit and our children LOVED them. Jaileigh has a boyfriend- finally. She has been so cranky to everyone we were getting a little worried. She looooovvves Ryan. The boys were all fighting over Karmann. It will be interesting to see who wins her over.
When we lived in Las Vegas we met Ryan and Karmann. We moved to California a year after we got married and Ryan and Karmann moved to Arizona. Since then we have been able to keep in touch with them every once in awhile.
During their way too short visit Mike and Ryan went golfing. Mike was very happy to get out of the house with another adult. Karmann, Grandma, Rori, Megha, the babies, and I went to Huntington Beach for the day (see previous post to hear about our fabulous time). We feel so blessed to have such fabulous, positive, uplifting friends. We just wish they lived closer again.

Karmann and Ryan hanging out with Anthony- I think they were really trying to stuff him in that bag so they could "borrow" him for awhile.

Ryan telling Jaileigh a great big story

Anthony, Karmann, Jakob, Jaileigh, Ryan, and Michael

Jaileigh and her boyfriend

Jaileigh being coy with Ryan

Auntie Rori and Anthony

Karmann and Jakob

Michael being silly. He loves his index finger.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Huntington Beach Here We Come

We had a fabulous idea to go to the beach. So, we found the perfect beach, we loaded the suburban, and we headed off down the freeway timing the day so that we would miss California traffic (yea right!)

The AWESOME set-up- need I say more. The wind was blowing and getting sand everywhere so we tried to rig a protective set-up. Notice the purple sheet tied down to the strollers. Rori is holding the umbrella up with her feet. We finally just formed a human circle and let the babies play. In the meantime we called the husbands and told them to drive down to the beach and help us reload the car. We lasted maybe 30 minutes, then reloaded and hauled everything back to the cars and we remembered to call the husbands and tell them never mind. So, the beach turned into a photograph moment and nothing more. I think we will wait until the are a little older to hit the waves again.

Michael and his crackers, Jaileigh eating the booger getter and Anthony searching for something to get into.
Karmann and Jakey

Amber and Jaileigh

Anthony- Can you please get this hood off me, I can't hear!

Mom and Jakey- don't let the little bonnett fool you. We had to put his sister hat on because it has straps and the little rascal wouldn't keep his hat on.

Rori suntanning while Jaileigh is watching and remembering for when she gets older

Grandma We Love You

The Babies all LOVE Grandma and are going to be so sad when she leaves. Here they are all lined up trying to get her attention.
(Grandma is a little camera shy)

Swimming In The Real Pool

We made it to a REAL pool. We have graduated from the WT Hillbilly pool in the backyard. haha. We love it but our landlords probably don't. We went to our friends the Dunkleys for a fun pool day.

Rori and Jaileigh- the girls hanging out. You can also see Anthony in the background.
Kari, Parker, and Michael- going for a surfboard ride.

Jakob, Mom and Anthony

We are sitting in the baby pool. It sits above the big kid pool. When it isn't being used as a baby pool it has a waterfall that overflows into the big pool. The temperature in the pool was 88+ and we had a big easy-up covering us- no sunburns for us.
Rori/Jaileigh, Amber/Jakey, Parker/Anthony, and Riley/Mikey

Have You Seen My Baseball?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who Needs The Zoo? Come To Our House

The babies waiting patiently for Daddy to finish working on their little pool.
Michael, Jakob, Jaileigh, and Anthony

"Daddy are you almost done?"

Michael trying to squeeze in next to Jakob

"NNOOOOOO this is my spot~!" Jakob

"I AM going to win!" Michael


Rori, Michael, Jakob, Anthony, and Amber.
Jaileigh was done swimming and hanging out with Grandma. Yes, there is water in the pool. About 3 inches. We filled in from our kitchen sink so it was really warm.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Set Us Free!

Please Mom set us free! Jakey's trying to use his smile to win me over. Anthony and Michael are devising a plan.

Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony, and Michael

Now Michael is trying to cheese his way out.

Jaileigh thinks she can squeeze through the crack. While the boys are trying to come up with another plan.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rori's Checklist

Aunt Rori and Grandma came to visit. I got this text from Rori a couple of days before they came.

From: aaafavoritistsibling Rori! (she changed her name in my phone to this)
Roris check list to keep her from reverting back to a type A teen 1. Cute boys (preferably non related but will take what i can get. 2. the ZOO is a must (dip n dots included of course) 3. The beach that of course is a given. 4. Quality sister time 5. Dibs on any baby she wants at any time 6. Real food DO NOT FORGET TO FEED THE PUBERTY RIDDEN TEEN Any questions? Feel need to call 1800Favorite sister on speed dial :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Day Of School

When your moms a teacher your first day of school comes fast. On Wednesday we went to visit my old work- San Gorgonio High School. It was the last day of school. We went after school and took a little tour of campus visiting those that lingered behind. My fellow (former) teachers and students threw a little party for us. It was so nice to see everyone again, and everyone was so excited to actually see the babies. I worked all of last year while I was pregnant. I was 22 weeks pregnant when school got out and I was finally put on bed rest. My students took care of me while I was at school and they were really excited to finally meet the babies.

Here is a group picture of my students and fellow teachers.

Megha/Jakob, Me/ Jaileigh, Sarah/Michael, Karen/Anthony in the principals office. Oh NO! I am sure you recognize these fabulous ladies. They are over all the time volunteering their helping hands and friendly smiles. My babies LOVE them!

Karen and Anthony

Megha and Jaileigh- she is teaching her Algebra already. Sarah and Michael taking a picture. Megha informed me that she sanitized her desks so that the babies could sit in them. So cute of her! She knows how crazy I am about germs.

Sarah and Michael. Karen and Jakey. Mom and Jaileigh and Anthony cheesing it in the stroller.

Jakey is trying to figure out a way to steal Anthonys toy. The babies are really playing with each other now. It is soooooo cute. I have some cute video but still can't figure out how to post it. I think I am going to have to call the Geek Squad.

Michael has found something new to do- crawl under the excersaucer. The babies refuse to sit in it anymore. They think they are too grown up.

This is what Anthony learned at San G- How to low ride the pants. Ha Ha The poor kid can't gain weight for the life of him or me. He eats and eats and eats and eats and runs it all off.

Jakey being a cutey pa tutey