Sunday, May 31, 2009

Save The Back Row Please

Well, we did it. We went to church for the first time and it wasn't terrible. The babies were actually very good. They were so excited to be out in the public that they behaved. We waited to go to church until it was safe from RSV. We have been so blessed not to have had any sick babies this year. I pray that it continues like this.

The answer to who was getting teeth was JAILEIGH. Surprise! She sprouted a tooth on her 10 month birthday. Jakob sprouted 2 the next day and Michael now has 6 teeth peeking through. Anthony doesn't have any teeth, he is too busy to cut teeth.

The babies in their church clothes

Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh

Michael would not smile for me. I later found out that he was cutting 4 new teeth and was not feeling well.
Jakob was all smiles.

Anthony loves the camera too.
Jaileigh and Jakey

Jaileigh, Jakob, Michael, and Anthony

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 10 Month Birthday!

The second baby cut their 1st tooth today. Anyone want to guess who it was?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look What We've Been Up To

The Fiore Family came to visit us for a playdate. They have triplets that were born 2 months after us. They also have a 8 year old, Allison, who is a big help. We had 7 babies 9 months and under in the house and we all survived and had fun.

For Memorial Weekend we celebrated by going to a Padres-Cubs game. The cubs lost, of course, they stink this year. (Sshh don't tell Mike) We had lots of fun though! We stayed at the Omni, its connected to Petco Park. We went swimming for the first time and guess what? No one took pictures. Bummer!
Below: Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob

Jakob cheering when the cubs actually scored.

Hanging out at Petco Park. I'm trying not to get a farmers tan to my lily white arms.

After we got home from San Diego we hung out on the floor. The babies were sooooo excited to be home. They are crawling all over daddy.

A higher level of multitasking- Feeding 3 babies at a time. They all say mama mama and want mama to hold them. top to bottom-Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob

The babies all do this crazy yoga move. Michael doing yoga. He thinks this is really funny.

Jakob getting into things he shouldn't.

Anthony has escaped. He is under the table in my basket of misc items that need to be put away.
Jakob pushing the walker backwards.

Reading time with our friend Janis.

Guess what we are all doing? Crawling, standing, and cruising. Mommy is in trouble!

Michael cruising around

Anthony and Michael competing for the walker

Our Aunt Diana sent us two LARGE boxes full of these beautiful clothes! Thank you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations on Your Graduation!

My baby sister graduated from high school today. Congrats and good luck in your future! We love you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The New News

Anthony is very mobile now. I love watching him crawl alllll over the place. Every chance he gets he pulls himself up to stand. He is really trying to walk now. He is such a happy baby now that he is mobile. He just grins all the time.

Anthony plays hard and crashes hard.

Michael has a 3rd tooth. Top left tooth came in yesterday. That may explain a little of his recent crankiness. He discovered the stairs on Monday (the first one). He crawls really well backwards and has a crazy army front crawl. His legs work like they are supposed to but the arms give out. He still loves to eat but he loves to feed himself now.

Jaileigh has become very social. She will go to people now, as long as she can see her mommy. She loves eating big people food. She likes to help put the spoon in her mouth. She is cruising all over the place. When she wants her mommy she whines a special whine, when I take her from the person that is holding her she will turn around and give them a huge smile. Its almost like she is saying, "haha".

Jakob loves Gerber teething biscuit's. He was covered head to toe and had to have a bath. He has discovered how to make raspberries and loves to stick his tongue out and spit on you. He also does the crazy army crawl like Michael and Jaileigh. I can't get his hair to stick up in a mohawk anymore because it is too long.

Daddy- Mommy's Almost Sold Us!

Dear Daddy-

We have had a busy week so far. On Monday we went to the Pulmonologist so that Jaileigh and Anthony can send back their Apnea Monitors to the rental place. The Dr was very happy with us. She did say that Michael is probably going to have asthma like mommy. Poor kid. Today the rental place is coming to get the monitors. Mommy has to find them from the garage and dust them off. We haven't worn them since we came home- ooops : )

All 4 of us of been whiny little brats. We are making mommy crazy. She left us boys on Tuesday to go to a funeral and we are making her pay. She should NOT be leaving us. We try to explain this to her but she says we are ok to be left for a little bit. WELL, we are showing her. You better come home before she goes completely bonkers.

Last night mom threatened to sell Michael, and then Anthony, and then Jaileigh. Jakey boy was pretty good. She is trying to tell us that we aren't supposed to get up in the middle of the night. We yelled back and told her we had belly aches and it was all her fault. She told us that you are going to be on night duty for a month when you get home so you better watch out.

Today mom wants to take a shower. We are thinking about letting her. Probably not though. hehe

Love you daddy!


Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day!

Dear Daddy- Things are getting crazy around here. You have been gone a whole week now and we are missing you a lot! Since we learned how to get out of our Bumbo chairs mommy decided to get out all the high chairs and we LOVE them! We also had a garage sale, Yep and mommy sold it all. We protected your motorcycle though. Mommy's good friend Michelle came ALL the way from Utah to sleep over with us too. We forgot to get a picture though, darn. On Mother's Day we were naughty. Michael and Jakob pooped on the sheet and mommy had to clean it up. We were also really cranky because our teeth are trying to come in. We told mommy we would try hard to be good on Monday. We love you daddy and miss you!

Love your babes!

Jakob and Jaileigh hanging out at the garage sale with Megha. Yes, Jakob has a girl hat on. That was not my fault, someone else did that.

Good friends! Megha and Karen put on the garage sale. They are soooo awesome. They have been my extra right hands while Mike has been gone.

During ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) on Friday Jaileigh was working so hard that she needed a rest. She just laid her head down on the pillow and chilled out for awhile. It was too cute.

Jakob loves to roll and has mastered the roll without losing his pacifier. He doesn't really suck on it, he teethes on it. When he smiles with it in his mouth he has figured out how to keep it in with his tongue. Its too cute!

Jaileigh= happy as a clam in her high chair. She can finally be a BIG girl. She has refused to eat food until this week. Today was the first day that she ate baby food from a spoon from me. She loves to eat food by herself. She will eat crackers and cookies and fruit as long as she can feed herself.
Michael is double fisting his food and he is happy as can be,

Anthony loveing the squished bananas

"I think I ate too much"

Karen is entertaining the crowd while mommy works on a little din-din. The bouquets of flowers are part of my mothers day gifts. Mike sent me a bouquet a day for 5 days and they were all from the babies. He really made my first Mother's Day Memorable, even though he was gone.
Jakob, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony

Friday, May 8, 2009

Daddy misses you too. I will be home in one week love you

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daddy We Miss You . . . . Especially Mommy

Uncle Joe giving us the baseball talk while we chew on our teething crackers. Jakob and Michael

Jaileigh and Jakob having a little conversation. The pink ball was given to them by Dana so they can start practicing baseball. Jaileigh LOVES it.

Jaileigh and Anthony

Jakob, Jaileigh, and Anthony

Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob, and Michael- getting home from the doctor.

Jaileigh-bug posing in her pretty dress

Anthony eating a cutie for the first time. YUMMY

Dear Daddy, We miss you a lot. It has almost been a week since you've been gone. We went to Dr. Berry today and he was not happy with most of our weights. We have not gained as much weight as he would have liked. But there is some good news, most of us can be taken off of our medicines. Hooray, we hate that yucky Prevacid! We have played a lot this week. Lots of people have been over to visit. Uncle Joe has been here holding down the fort. He went today and got mommy her Berries yogurt, yummy, she loves that! Uncle Joe has also been teaching us about baseball and hockey. He lets us watch them on TV even when mommy says no. Mommy is liking her mothers day presents. She said we did a good job on picking them out. We hope you are not studying too hard daddy. Love you lots and forever.

Love your favorite babies ever!