Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 9 Month Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet little babies!

Baby D
Jakob Thomas
birth 1 lb 15 oz
9 months 13 lbs 15 ozs

Baby CJaileigh Addison
birth weight 2 lbs 4 ozs
now 12 lbs

Baby B
Michael Huston
Birth weight 2 lbs 11 oz
now 15 lbs 1 oz

Baby A
Anthony Joseph
Birth weight 2 lbs 9 oz
Now 13 lbs 8 oz

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On The Road Again . . A Weekend of Many Firsts

Mike is leaving on Sunday for New York. He is training for his new job. Yes, I will be left home with 4 babies that are all starting to move and explore, so if you are free, feel free to come sleep over for awhile. S Before he left we decided to go to San Diego one more time. While we were there we experienced many "firsts".

San Diego Zoo. Mike and I are regular pass holders and we decided it was time the kids were introduced to one of our favorite past times.

Jaileigh being a little stinker. I left her one day last week so that I could go to the dentist and she is suffering from severe separation anxiety. She is punishing me for leaving her. AAAHHHH

2 strollers, 1 diaper bag, 3 bottles, 4 jackets, 2 adults, 8 diapers, 4 burp rags, 1 bottle of tylenol, 1 bottle of sunscreen, 1 camera, and 4 babies

Petco Park sells $5 tickets. You get to sit on the lawn behind this wall and watch the game on the screen. They have a little t-ball field for the kids. We brought a blanket a let the kids play. The weather was perfect.

We sat in this grassy area to watch the game. I think the only one that caught any of the game was Big Mike. The rest of us were too busy playing our own games.

Anthony discovering grass. He REALLY like it. He kept crawling off the blanket to get to it.

Jakob fell asleep and is hiding under the blanket. You can see his little hand poking out. Michael has the boy hat on, Jaileigh has the white hat, and Anthony is going for the grass.

Anthony after the Padres game.

Jaileigh fell asleep in her daddy's arms after the Padre game. Big accomplishment for Miss Clingy!

The boys playing while Jaileigh is asleep with daddy. Jakob has is pacifier, Michael is chewing on his car keys, and Anthony is sitting. He now sits up all by himself, crawls backwards, and started crawling forward today. All the other babies are right behind him. They can all sit and move wherever they want to- Watch out mom!

Daddy, Jakey, Jaileigh, and Anthony

The bathroom in the motel turned into our temporary kitchen. I sterilized them with hot water from the coffee pot.

This morning I proudly boasted to Mike that I could feed 2 babies while I pumped. Ha ha. Luckily I was feeding only one baby. Anthony decided he was tired of waiting on me and helped himself to breakfast.

"Forget the spoon mom, I can just drink this."

*If you would like to help while Mike is gone please call. I have a calendar that I am signing people up on. This first weekend is filled, thanks to wonderful friends! Mike is leaving this Saturday morning and will return on the 16th. Those of you who can't come help, remember us in your prayers. I will need all the prayers I can get!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Michaels Day

Today Baby Mikey's first tooth popped through. You can't see it yet, you can just fill the little nub. He is the first baby to get a tooth.

Also, Big Mike has landed a job with Pfizer! Many, many prayers have been answered. THANK YOU to everyone. Our insurance from his last company was going to run out on May 14. He starts with this company on Monday and it includes full benefits. We feel so blessed!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Miss You Blair!

One of our favorite helpers left us to go back to college in Idaho. We tried to talk her into dropping out of school but she was too smart and realized the value of getting a good education. The babies even offered to share their peas and bananas with her, but no luck, off she went.

To our dear Blair- We wish you the best of luck in your studies at college. We hope that you never find anyone who will barf on your clothes like we do or pull your hair. We know that you will miss us terribly. We could send you some stinky diapers for your dorm room or maybe some yucky burp rags. If you promise to come back soon we will share our toys with you. We will try not to barf on you as much too. We know how much you hate wearing those yucky hospital gowns over your really cute clothes. (we are hoping one day to have nifty vans like you.) Make sure that you don't let the boys kiss you, we will save kisses for you. Mom is trying to teach us to kiss with our mouths closed, she says it isn't proper for us to give wide mouth frog kisses. Well, we better go. Mom is wondering why we are so quiet- he he. lol!

Anthony, Mikey, Jaileigh, and Jakey

Blair and Jakob

Jaileigh and Blair


Michael and Blair

Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh, and Michael

"We Are Family- I Got All My Sisters With Me"

What a crazy weekend we had. We had family in from Chicago and from Las Vegas and we went over to our friends house and ate authenic Indian Food. Since RSV season is mostly over we are having fun going out into the real world. The babies enjoy it just as much as I do. We have all been claustrophobic locked up in our little hacienda for sooooooo long.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe came from Las Vegas and Aunt Diana came from Chicago.

Aunt Katherine and Jaileigh-bug at Victoria Gardens

Uncle Joe and Jakey- Daddy and Jaileigh walking in Victoria Gardens the ourdoor shopping mall by our house.

Uncle Joe (Joseph Anthony Jr) with his new beard. He is holding his namesake, Anthony (Anthony Joseph) during our dessert session at The Cheesecake Factory.

AAAAHHHHHH what a good looking crew! Notice our new stroller?! We love them. We bought 2 new Graco Duogliders. Our carseats fit in them so if the babies fall asleep in the car we can just stick them in the stroller in their carseat. We still have our quad stroller. Sometimes I use it when we go for walks around our neighborhood but I can't use it anywhere else because its too wide.

Aunt Katherine and the babies. We LOVE her! She is one of the few people that can entertain all 4 babies at once.

Aunt Diana and Anthony and Michael. Everyone that comes over some how ends up multitasking. Diana came all the way from Chicago to visit the babies. This was her first time being able to see the babies. It was so exciting.

Jakob and Anthony playing in the nudy-tudy. Their arms and legs are always intertwined when they lay close together.

Our Aunty Cathye teaching Michael how to play baseball with the mitt that Aunt Diana gave him.

Michael playing football with Aunty Cathye too.

On Sunday we went over to our good friend, Megha's house for authentic Indian food (dot). They fed us Dosa with potato shaak. Yum! Momma and Megha entertained the babies while Mike and I ate and then caught some much needed ZZZZZzzzzzz's.
Momma Kapadia and Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael. Jakob was getting his beauty rest.

Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael being entertained at the Kapadias house.

I have the cutest video of Jakob laughing hysterically. I am trying to figure out how to upload it on this crappy computer. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Forget the "Bredt"

Our new teething toy- Italian Bread

Anthony was very frustrated because he couldn't eat it.

Jaileigh played for quite awhile with hers

Michael had a death grip on his bread. He was sooo excited to have real food.

Jakob slept during the bread session so here is his picture.

Anthony stole Jakobs pacifier and discovered a new way to chew on it- backwards

Jaileigh grinning away

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

High Risk Infant Follow Up Clinic

Briefly, because I am planning on going into details later, we went to our first appointment with the High Risk Infant Follow Up Clinic and we passed with flying colors. Our babies are AWESOME!!! They don't have any problems with anything, anywhere, what so ever. The clinic was amazed. They said they had NEVER had 4 babies (related or unrelated) born at 28 weeks come in and not have anything wrong with them. We know it was and is all the prayers that are said for them. What great testimony builders these babies are!

Easter Surprise- Oh What Do You Do In The Springtime?

For Easter we did something special. First we got in our car seats. The babies were so good. They all fell right to sleep until . . . . . .





we got to San Diego. We didn't have family or friends coming for Easter so we decided to be brave and head to the beach. We celebrated the babies first Easter in San Diego on our first family vacation.
We spent a lot of time in our motel room. We didn't mind because it was really nice and it was a change of scenery from our old boring house. We went to Seaport Village, Torrey Pines Beach, and for a scenic drive. We were there Saturday until Monday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The babies were so good. I think they enjoyed the change of scenery just as much as Mike and I did.

4 little babies rolling on the bed! Anthony is hiding under the blue blanket. He was taking a little nap. Jakob is really laughing even though it looks like he is crying.

Big and Little Mike

Peek a boo Jakob and Jaileigh are saying. Anthony and Michael are enjoying their front row seats.

Mom going to the elevators

Back row- Jakob and Jaileigh, Front row- Anthony and Michael
Dad and the babes in the hallway during a walk while our room was being cleaned.
We visited Seaport Village. Everyone loved the babies. A couple of people tried to touch them and I almost went crazy. Most people were very considerate and just looked and talked to us. I am still a little nervous about germs. Some people say that I have OCD about them but my babies have not been sick and I'm sure its because I am sooooo careful.

and then we went to the beach. you can see from the blankets and clouds that it wasn't warm. We asked someone to take our pictures and then we left. It was really windy. We can't wait to go again and really play!