Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming In The Real Pool

We made it to a REAL pool. We have graduated from the WT Hillbilly pool in the backyard. haha. We love it but our landlords probably don't. We went to our friends the Dunkleys for a fun pool day.

Rori and Jaileigh- the girls hanging out. You can also see Anthony in the background.
Kari, Parker, and Michael- going for a surfboard ride.

Jakob, Mom and Anthony

We are sitting in the baby pool. It sits above the big kid pool. When it isn't being used as a baby pool it has a waterfall that overflows into the big pool. The temperature in the pool was 88+ and we had a big easy-up covering us- no sunburns for us.
Rori/Jaileigh, Amber/Jakey, Parker/Anthony, and Riley/Mikey

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