Friday, June 19, 2009

Rori's Checklist

Aunt Rori and Grandma came to visit. I got this text from Rori a couple of days before they came.

From: aaafavoritistsibling Rori! (she changed her name in my phone to this)
Roris check list to keep her from reverting back to a type A teen 1. Cute boys (preferably non related but will take what i can get. 2. the ZOO is a must (dip n dots included of course) 3. The beach that of course is a given. 4. Quality sister time 5. Dibs on any baby she wants at any time 6. Real food DO NOT FORGET TO FEED THE PUBERTY RIDDEN TEEN Any questions? Feel need to call 1800Favorite sister on speed dial :)


Marci said...

I still have a hard time thinking of Rori as an adult! It must be great having family around again. We're in Minnesota right now, and Rhonda took Addie and Max to the park, Corey's out golfing, and Hudson is napping... I hardly know what to do with myself!!! You must feel that way when all four are napping at the same time (does that ever happen?) I miss you guys, are you ever coming out to Chicago? Don't know if that's possible, you'd probably have to recruit help to fly out with you if you planned that. If you do, let us know! We'd love to see you guys again soon.

Following Him said...

SERIOUSLY...made my day :) LOVE the fact that she demanded the zoo and any baby...such a sweet Aunt!