Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Krazy Kouple

We had a visit from the Krazy Kouple all the way from Arizona. Ryan and Karmann came to visit and our children LOVED them. Jaileigh has a boyfriend- finally. She has been so cranky to everyone we were getting a little worried. She looooovvves Ryan. The boys were all fighting over Karmann. It will be interesting to see who wins her over.
When we lived in Las Vegas we met Ryan and Karmann. We moved to California a year after we got married and Ryan and Karmann moved to Arizona. Since then we have been able to keep in touch with them every once in awhile.
During their way too short visit Mike and Ryan went golfing. Mike was very happy to get out of the house with another adult. Karmann, Grandma, Rori, Megha, the babies, and I went to Huntington Beach for the day (see previous post to hear about our fabulous time). We feel so blessed to have such fabulous, positive, uplifting friends. We just wish they lived closer again.

Karmann and Ryan hanging out with Anthony- I think they were really trying to stuff him in that bag so they could "borrow" him for awhile.

Ryan telling Jaileigh a great big story

Anthony, Karmann, Jakob, Jaileigh, Ryan, and Michael

Jaileigh and her boyfriend

Jaileigh being coy with Ryan

Auntie Rori and Anthony

Karmann and Jakob

Michael being silly. He loves his index finger.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

I love the post of us at the beach!!! The pictures turned out great!!! Thanks so much for letting us come!!! We miss you guys so much already!!! We were so glad that we got to see you and meet the adorable babies!!! We just kept talking about them all the way home and I kept looking at the pictures! It is so nice to have you guys as our friends and are so sad we live so far away!!! Hope to make the next trip sooner rather than later!!! Love ya!!!