Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Gloom=Gloomy Days and Indoor Play

June Gloom has hit California. Everyday looks like it should be raining. It would be rather depressing in normal circumstances but I have 4 little sunshines living here that make my days bright and sunny. So, we have been hanging out and having fun.

Last weekend we were a little adventurous. On Friday night we went to our church picnic and took the kids. Saturday we went to Hollywood for a talent audition. A talent agency is interested in the babies being models. Mike and Joe golfed Saturday morning and Saturday night we went to a party. The teachers from my school had a end of the school year party and we crashed it. We were the surprise. Sadly, I didn't get pictures from anything but hanging out at our house. Oh well.

Jaileigh has the pink ball . . . .

Michael steals it away . . . .

Michael loses it and they're off . . . and Anthony wins

Uncle Joe single-handedly entertaining the kiddos

Jaileigh and Uncle Joe

Anthony and Mikey with their cheesy grins

Anthony, Michael, and Jakob in their "going to Hollywood" outfits and hairdos

Jakey and his famous grin and mohawk

Mikey and Jakey

Anthony and Jakey

On Friday we went to our church BBQ. We had to put our winter outfits on because it was so cold here. I think it was 65 degrees out. Brrrrr. Here are the boys before we left and before we put their pants and jackets on. All of the babies fell asleep at the BBQ/picnic and slept through the whole thing.

We had to install a gate because the babies love the stairs. They are too steep and I was afraid that they would fall down them. Also, our Early Start teacher requested we put a gate up. Here are Jakey and Mikey feeling like they have been imprisoned.

Jaileigh and her friend the cheerio : )


Hilary said...

Love the "polo" shirt pictures..the boys looks so handsome :) little missy looks so cute in her dress cute :)

Stephanie said...

Love the Hollywood pics! Too cute!
That cheerio pic is too funny!

Alexis said...

aw Jaileigh remind me of me lol when i was a baby i loved cheerios especially to take the box and eat it under the table and get it all over me aw shes adorible miss u mrs d and ur cuties =]


Karmann and Ryan said...

I cant wait to see them in person and see you guys!!! Love all the pictures! So glad that you are getting out and doing more things! Sorry to hear that it has been so gloomy! You are always welcome here where it is sunny!