Friday, June 26, 2009

Huntington Beach Here We Come

We had a fabulous idea to go to the beach. So, we found the perfect beach, we loaded the suburban, and we headed off down the freeway timing the day so that we would miss California traffic (yea right!)

The AWESOME set-up- need I say more. The wind was blowing and getting sand everywhere so we tried to rig a protective set-up. Notice the purple sheet tied down to the strollers. Rori is holding the umbrella up with her feet. We finally just formed a human circle and let the babies play. In the meantime we called the husbands and told them to drive down to the beach and help us reload the car. We lasted maybe 30 minutes, then reloaded and hauled everything back to the cars and we remembered to call the husbands and tell them never mind. So, the beach turned into a photograph moment and nothing more. I think we will wait until the are a little older to hit the waves again.

Michael and his crackers, Jaileigh eating the booger getter and Anthony searching for something to get into.
Karmann and Jakey

Amber and Jaileigh

Anthony- Can you please get this hood off me, I can't hear!

Mom and Jakey- don't let the little bonnett fool you. We had to put his sister hat on because it has straps and the little rascal wouldn't keep his hat on.

Rori suntanning while Jaileigh is watching and remembering for when she gets older

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alexis said...

aw how cute looks like u guys had fun =] lol i miss u and ur lil cuties lol