Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 11 Month Birthday! & Zoo Pictures!

Boy Time Flies! I can't believe the babies will be a year old in one month. A year ago this week I was put in the hospital. AAAHHHHH it brings back so many memories. WOW! A year. I am speechless. Enjoy the pics! Hopefully I will find words for their 1 year birthday.

Anthony and his flirtatious grin

Anthony and Miss Megha being cool

Look at those teeth!
Michael and his enormous blue eyes

Michael loving the pool too! I have little water babies. They cry when they have to get out.

Jaileigh ready to go

Jaileigh- I left the room for a minute and when I came back in Jaileigh was inside this box. No one knows how she got in it. So, we took a picture.

Jakey loving the pool

Jakob has his hair all dolled up= which girl are you trying to impress this time little dude?

I was also able to get my pictures off of our camcorder from the ZOO. We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park last week with Rori and Grandma, who by the way decided to desert us and went home to Grandpa on Saturday. We are feeling quite lonely now and the babies are of course very spoiled. Mommy is having a hard time pretending to be 3 people when I am only one. Anyway, back to the zoo. The weather was HOT! The zoo had misters all over and we spent the majority of the time searching for misters to walk under. All in all, I think that fun was had by all. The babies love getting out and seeing new things. This was one of Rori's requests so she was happy and Grandma is just happy being with her babies.

Michael trying to get a drink. All the babies think they are big now and need to eat and drink big people food.

Mom and Jakey- relaxing and cooling off in the shade

Rori having a rare "moment" and Anthony lounging in her lap

Our resting spot- this blanket has been everywhere, motel rooms, parks, beaches, zoos, baseball games, etc. It is a lifesaver.

Little Jaileigh Bug giving some attitude


Following Him said...

Sweetness all sround :)

Tia said...

Wow , i can't believe how time flies!!!! looks like you guys are having such a fun summer!!!! wish we could all play together!!! Can't wait to see you soon. love you muah!!!!

Dennis & Jessica said...

WOW! They are so beautiful! I just love seeing each of their little personalities in all of your pictures. It's a JOY following and growing with you all! You do such a nice job with all of your posts! Happy Birthday DeMaria Quads!

alexis terriquez said...

aw mrs.d let me know when they turn 1 lol and the party lol i want to see u and the little bundles of joy..i enjoy lookin at ur blog in a way i feel like im there wit u and the cuties throughout when they were babies..well i miss u and hope to here from u soon