Thursday, June 4, 2009

*Come Out And Play*

Two of our NICU nurses came over to play yesterday. I think that they were amazed at how big the kiddos are now. Jessica even commented how big Jaileigh's feet are (Jaileigh can still wear newborn shoes and clothes). It made me think back to how small they used to be. We have come a loooooooong way since last year. Even since Christmas the babies have changed so much. It makes it even more important to cherish every moment. I love spending my days with me babies. I love it! There isn't anything in the world that I would rather be doing.

Jessica and Jakob. She was there the day/night that he was born.

Jessica, Jakob, Jaileigh and Anthony

Sharon, Jessica and the gang

Jessica and Jaileigh talking "girl talk". I think she is really introducing Jaileigh to the telephone.

Sharon and Jaileigh

Our friend Dana brought over a box to play with. She actually does most of our shopping and had just brought over our Costco supplies. The babies loved this box.

Dana playing with the babies


Following Him said...

Sweet! I can not believe how cute they all are :) So sweet!

Anonymous said...

AHHHH love the pics!!!! NICU nurses we love and appreciate you so much! Thank you for helping in the care of the little babies when they were so tiny!! Amber you are still so amazing!! We love you!
Mom Dad and Rori

Mommato2miracles said...

They are all so sweet!!! We love NICU nurses too, it is amazing how attached to these wonderful people you become. What a wonderful reminder you have written about cherishing each and every moment.
God bless!!!

alexis said...

aw mrs d i miss u i love how big your kids have grown up as i watch everyday on your page i hope they continue to do well as well as you and ur husband one day i will come visit u all and ur four cuties


Noor said...

aweeeee.. hi Mrs.D i didnt know babies could be this cute..Jakob is my favorite already and i dont even kno him.. haha i wanted to hold him yesterday:/ but the girls were in a hurry to leave. he is going to be the cutest when he is older.a girl knows these keep hum away from girls at the playground :D they are all adorable and are lucky to be raised with a mom like you.. and the help of Ms.rosa and Ms.Kapadia..I guess..jk! :]well hope you visit again soon and congratulations...
p.s. luv ur playlist

L. Christensen said...

They are growing up so quickly! Such beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing your blog! I always love to see how much they've grown!