Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Pictures

Michael flirting with one of his girlfriends
Jakob trying out the Baby Einstein Exersaucer

Anthony trying it out. Notice the phonebook under his feet. The babies aren't tall enough for it so we tried the phonebook trick.

All is quiet at the DeMaria's- for 2 minutes at least

Jaileigh and Michael in the laundry basket. They decided to help mom out.


Karmann and Ryan said...

They are looking so big and healthy!!! What cuties! i love all the pictures! Hope you are doing well!

Following Him said...

They look so big in the laundry basket. Can't believe they will be 6 months soon!

Four babies 4 us said...

Gosh they are cute! I don't think I can pick a favorite picture. I'm loving the chubby little faces!
You guys are doing an AWESOME job!!!
Love you all and miss you much,