Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thomas Major is here!

My brother and his wife have a new one in the family. Thomas Major was born Oct 6, I think (sleep deprivation makes my days run together). He was 7 lbs 9 ozs. We have a new cousin in the family. For my parents, when it rains it pours! Within a few months they went from having 0 granchildren to 5.

Congratulations Andy and Tia


Barb Hilton said...

Amber! We had yours and Tia's shower tonight and it was so much fun. Too bad you had to miss it, but we understand!!! I'm so happy for you - 2 babies home! Yeah! you're half way there! Congratulations! Barb

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barb and Louise for throwing the biggest shower ever!! Never a larger one and it was awesome!! We love you Barb, Louise and all of our dearest friends in our ward and neighborhood. Thank you for making it such a beautiful time for us!The DeMaria and Stokes feel very blessed!
The Stokes Family