Thursday, October 9, 2008

Post-op update

Jakob came out of his surgery at 8:00 pm last night and the doctors said it went perfectly. He woke up this morning and ate his full feed. He was starving! I was there last night when he came out and he looked really good. His hernia and the swelling was completely gone. The incision was made in the fold of his skin and they superglued it so he won't have a scar later.

Anthony is doing much better. He is off his oxygen and eating again. That vancomyocin is the best! The Pirate is Back!

Michael is packing his stuff and getting ready to move out of the NICU. We are scheduled to pick him up today after Jaileigh's eye appointment. He has a new outfit too but it isn't as nice as Jaileigh's. They don't really make cute boy preemie going home outfits. They were all really fruity looking.

Jaileigh is still running the house. I think that she is excited to have someone to sleep with. She keeps trying to sleep with us.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY DAY!!!! Looking forward to holding the pirate and squeezing the brood. Praying the blessings will keep falling on all of you!
Love you,

rachael said...

i am so glad to hear that jakob's surgery went well! we can't even tell where james' incision is anymore! wonderful news on anthony & michael too!

rachael said...

i forgot to add...our 3 always ended up in our bed too!

Following Him said...

Glad the surgery wen well and Michael is coming home!!! Praying that everyone continues to grow and do well!!!

Jenny said...

yay!! glad it went so well!! and that your getting another one home! we're still praying for y'all!
Love ya!