Saturday, October 25, 2008

Normal Day at the DeMaria's

12:30 am finish feedings for all feedings
1:30 Amber wake up and pump. get all drugs ready for the babies
2:00 change diapers, medicate babies, start feeding babies (done by Mike and Amber and any other guest in the house)
3:30 finish feeding and burping and holding so they don't reflux
4:30 Amber wake up and pump and get all drugs ready for the babies
5:00 babies start to cry, medicate babies, change diapers, feed babies
6:30 put all babies down and sleep
7:30 Amber wake up and pump. get all drugs ready for the babies. Mike wash bottles and get them ready.
8:00 medicate babies, change diapers, start feeding babies
9:30 finish feeding and burping and holding so they don't reflux
9:35 eat breakfast, do laundry, try to shower, wash bottles, Amber pump more milk, restock diapers and wipes
10:45 Amber pump, get meds ready, bath 1 or 2 babies if they aren't all awake
11:00-12:30 babies start to cry, medicate babies, change diapers, feed babies
1:00-2:00 we have options here- we can stare at each other, try to make some sense of conversation, celebrate because a primary nurse stopped by to help if this happens then Mike and I go nap.
1:45 Amber Pump, get drugs ready
2:00-3:30 feed, diaper, medicate, burp, soothe, walk with, sing to, etc. . . the babies
3:30-4:45 see above options during the 1-2 break
5:00 fussy/colic hours start and end around 10. so, in the next few hours we don't rest we just deal with babies.
feed, diaper, medicate, burp, soothe, walk with, sing to, etc. . . the babies

10:00 rest, usually stare at the t.v. with blank looks on our faces, guests do this as well.

10:45 Amber Pump, get drugs ready
11:00-12:30 feed, diaper, medicate, burp, soothe, walk with, sing to, etc. . . the babies

and then it all starts over . . . .

We have not included the clothing changes that occur because of projectile vomiting or the pee reflux that happens when the diaper is taken off and the nice cool air hits their bottoms, or the overflowing poopy diapers, or when we eat (when do we eat?). This list does not do our day justice. This list is the perfect ideal "Jon and Kate" list but as we all know, babies do not follow lists.

Oh and this does not include that we have two displaced spoiled dogs that Mike has to take care of because Amber does not want to deal with them any longer. I am trying to get rid of them but Mike is determined to keep them. HHMMMMMMMMM

We love our babies and our new lives and wouldn't change anything. They are such miracles. We thank Heavenly Father each day for them.


Anonymous said...

What do you do when Mike has to go to work?

Anonymous said...

Praying for you from Dallas....These first weeks/months are hard...I know you will make it are strong and a great team...I know you are thankful for these wonderful, miracle blessings...God is so good!! Do you have a network, friends, or people from church, that can come in and cover the night shifts...I am just worried about your own we all know Sleep is VERY important and even if you could get 2-4 hours uninerrupted sleep, that would do wonders.....thanks for the update and a REAL look at what you are experiencing....again, praying for you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber
Oh my gosh!!! Have followed since babies were born. My daugther is Az Crisanti quads, (on Urech, Tubre blog) She is 22wks,5 days. I cannot imagine how you are doing all that.Kami will be so lucky as she has me everyday, and lot of family, but she also already has 2 children, 4& 6 1/2yrs. So she will be swamped but hoping I can help alot. Your babies are so cute, and have done such a wonderful job of growing. I have such admiration for all you multiple Moms, we are hoping Kami can go to 28 wks, she is already on strict bedrest and turb pump,everyday is another day we are grateful for.
Good luck to you and Mike, you are doing so awsome, wish I could help you also!!
Grami in Phoenix, (Linda)

acutescrubnurse said...

my, my, I don't know how you do it!! I am exhausted by just reading your update!! Prayers and well wishes go out to you. Enjoy the babes, they grow up fast.

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...thanks for the update. Wishing and praying for you all. Hoping that the babies grow and the RSV stays away. Hasng in there and do not be sorry for not feeling sorry for parents of one baby.

jag said...

Wow! Congrats on having all 4 home! What a busy day you have (like you didn't know that)! I can't imagine what it will be like when all of ours are home, but I am so looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing all the pics and info. Which reminds me -- I need to go publish an RSV letter on my blog. Take care.

Moni Graf said...

Hang in there, girl.....It DOES get easier. They'll be crawling before you know it.

Stick to your rules. They kept our kiddos cold/virus free for 6+ months.

Thanks for the reminder. Seems like a long time ago, but it was only a short time.

Love from KS,

The Gerwer Babies said...

Girl, you are preaching to the choir! Dejavu for sure, but it does get easier, i promise. It seems so long ago now but at the time when you havent slept for more than one hour at a time it feels like it will last forever, but it wont.
You are doing great!
ANd we feel the same way when friends of ours who have one baby are like "we are so tired". THey have no idea what tired is :)
We had TERRIBLE reflux (one was hospitalized for it)so i can relate. We needed up using simply thick thickener and it changed their lives. WE are still on a little thickener and finally about to get off but it helped with some of the vomitting. Again, if you ahve a day when you need to just vent or have scheduling questions, please email me :)

Anonymous said...
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Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Rock on DeMaria's!! Your doing an awesome job and I hate that you can't "get back" to the above listed comment because they were too chicken to post their name!!! This is your blog and you can complain about whatever you want to! If "Anonymous" doesn't respect that, they shouldn't read it!!

Following Him said...

No offense...anonymous...but you can not honestly tell these sweet people that they have it easy. Did you read the post? Honestly, A&M are BLESSED with quads and it is NOT easy. Please do not be rude...Amber WAS NOT being rude. Think about what you say next time!

Jenny said...

love ya amber! your babies are beautiful miracles:)

Stephanie said...

Holy crap...I need a nap :)
Keep up the good work will all be a sistant memory soon enough!!!

Hilary said...

i am so glad that all the babies are home...poor Mommy and the pumping..hang in there!!!

sweetdreamerskh said...

Oh the joy's of parenting. X 4 :)

God Bless You both. These are tiring times but they are going to be remembered as precious times, trust me. The feeds will become further apart. You will get them on a rotating schedule, I pray they will not need meds forever and the laundry thing, well what can I say..... you will keep your favorite laundry detergent company in business.... They should send you a Christmas Card. LOLOL
Enjoy. They are not that tiny forever but they sure are sweet.

God Bless

Renni said...

The babies are beautiful! I love how you keep your sense of humor even though you have to be exhausted. I also like the way you worded your RSV post. *prayers* Renni

Midwest Mommy said...

God bless you! Thank you for being so honest. I think sometimes people get the idea that babies are so simple. After Jon and Kate plus 8 went on the air I have heard a lot of young couples say how fun having six babies would be...thanks for showing what it is really like. I struggled with one at a time. I can't imagine 4 at those nighttime feedings.