Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michael Huston is Home

Michael made it home tonight. We feel so blessed to have 2 of our babies home.

In his car seat ready to go

Jaileigh and Michael- together again

Anthony in his swing, feeling much better.


rachael said...

welcome home micahel!

rachael said...


Misty said...

Yeah! Welcome home Michael!

Andria said...

What are you doing blogging? Welcome home Michael!... now go love on that monkey! Love his outfit!

Amy said...

So glad to hear that 2 of them are home. Please feel free to call me anytime you need anything! I'm just down the street!

Sammy'smommy said...

Welcome home baby Michael. Congratulations Mom and Dad. Praying that they are all together again very soon. ENJOY!!!

Following Him said...

Welcome home Michael!!!

nennermommy said...

Congratulations!!!! Welcome Home!!!!!

Karmann and Ryan said...

Congrats!!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Jenny said...

AWW~ yay! the pictures are SO cute and will only get cuter as the others come home!!!
love ya momma!

sharonsunlee said...

hey guys! this is your primary, SHARON Lee-Lee! i'm taking it that you haven't had the time to post an entry about anthony's welcoming home party! i still can't believe all of them left us! we're so lonely without you guys but we're so happy for all of you. all the babies are so healthy and strong! it was truly a long road and it must be the BEST feeling to finally have the whole family together again! Congratulations guys! We miss you and don't worry, we'll be visiting! We're not your nurses anymore, we're pseudo babysitters. =)

Now, a message for the little ones whom I miss dearly...

Jaileigh - now you should know what it's like to not get the attention you used to have when you first got home...but you're still the cutest princess ever!
Michael-oh mr. mellow michael. ur girlfriend tabitha is lost without you.
Jakob-you're my favorite. (shhh...) you're my cuddly teddy bear.
Anthony-THANK GOD you're home! hahaha. j/k. no, despite some intense cranky moments you had here with us, you're so hard not to love. just watch that temper of your's.

Mike-Sorry about your CUBS. Thanks for all the treats and goodies you brought us.
Amber-You are seriously one of the best moms I've worked with at the NICU. You're an amazing mother and you made it easy for us.

Sorry for the long entry. I couldn't help myself. Okay guys. Love you & take care!