Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jaileigh Homecoming and Updates

Here are the long waited for pictures and the updates. I will do the updates first and then some pictures. What a crazy week we have had. It was so nice to have Jaileigh home and the craziness is not entirely caused by her.

Anthony Joseph

Anthony somehow caught an infection. He was put back on oxygen, had an IV started, and is on his 3rd antibiotic. The 3rd antibiotic seems to be working and he is perking back up. He doesn't have RSV or MRSA, thank goodness! Today he is finally feeling back to his old "piratey" self. He makes this really cute pirate noise all the time. When he was sick he didn't make it anymore.

Michael Huston

He is coming home today or tomorrow. We don't like to say the date of their homecoming out loud because then they try to misbehave so that they can stay with their siblings. He has many girlfriends at the NICU that are going to miss him. He is such a cuddle bug. He will come home on Reglan for his reflux.

Jakob Thomas

Jakob is doing really well. He is now the largest quad. He started out the smallest and quickly overtook everyone. He has reflux and is on Prevacid and Reglan. He has an inguinal hernia (in his groin) and is now big and old enough to get it fixed. He has been prepped for surgery and will be going in today or tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers. It is very scary to have your little baby undergo surgery.

Jaileigh Addison

She is loving life at home. Her reflux seems to be getting better. Her apnea monitor hasn't gone off yet. She doesn't have sleep apnea, she has reflux apnea. She has reflux so bad that when she eats she will stop breathing. She is our SCARY eater! Before she was released she underwent a sleep and GI probe study. Her results came back abnormally high. The doctor had never seen a baby with reflux that bad. She is on Prevacid and Reglan to control the reflux.

2 months and RSV season

The babies received their 2 month immunizations except Anthony because he has been sick. They also received their 1st Synagis shot. This is the immunization for RSV. They have to get it monthly during RSV season - Oct- Apr.

We requested an itemized bill from the hospital and had quite a laugh at the cost of things. Here are a few costs.

Bed- Level IV $10,000/day Level III $8,000/day

Desitin/Butt Paste- $52.50

CorPak/OG Tube- $116.00 (this is their feeding tube)

Oxygen- $252.00/hr

Mylicon- $27.50 (we went downstairs to the pharmacy and paid $1.98/bottle)

Now for the pictures-

Jakob Thomas

Anthony Joseph- not feeling well

Michael Huston with his pumpkin hat on.

Jaileigh getting ready to go home

Daddy picked out her dress all by himself

and the booties

Uncle Joe came to visit and to go to the Cubs vs Dodgers game. Mike got to go with him and Jaileigh had her first babysitter. Melissa, one of her primary nurses, came to babysit so that I could go visit the boys while Mike was at the game.


Following Him said...

Glad everyone is coming along. Hope Anthony feels better soon and the yucky infection goes away soon!!! Love the updates-the quads are so precious!!!

Misty said...

The pics are beautiful! I'm so very happy for you and your little man that is wasn't RSV or MRSA. WE had both! Not fun.
So enjoy the updates and keeping ya'll in my prayers,
MOM to gggg quads

rachael said...

wow, they are just so sweet! i am so happy that things are continuing to go well!

i will pray that everything goes well with the surgery (my little guy had the same surgery too) and that the infection clears!

Sonja said...

Jaleigh is so precious in that dress. Daddy made a good choice. Size doesn't matter when they are that small. LOLOLOL

The pictures are priceless. I was so sorry to see Anthony Joseph not feeling well. You can definetly tell he is under the weather. The RSV stuff is very frightening. I am glad he does not have that. My son had it 2 times he was a preemie also. Those hospital stays are scary. I pray you never have to go through that.

Also prayers for Jacob Thomas for his hernia surgery. My son didn't have his until he was 2. He bounced right back that same day though. Children are very resilient at that age. I will pray for his safety as well as mommies nerves. :)

Take care mommy. You are truly blessed 4 fold.