Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween and 3 Months!

We were interviewed by the newspaper yesterday in celebration that all the babies are home! Hooray! Today they are also 3 months old. Time flies when you are having fun!

As with most press releases there are some errors. Here are the corrections and here is the link to the article for those of you that are interested. At the end of the article it says that the Halloween costumes were donated by members of the church. The costumes were given to us by my mom/grandma and one of our NICU nurses Melissa. She is actually in one of the pictures in the news article. The second blinding error is that Mike NEVER said that Jaileigh can be a cheerleader. He is anti-cheerleader. I was a cheer coach in Las Vegas so I don't see anything wrong with that idea but Mike has a different opinion. Other than those small errors I think the article was well written.

Again we can't thank everyone enough for all the help we receive. We have members from our church, NICU nurses, and family all volunteering their time and energy to come help us out. Mike and I were talking about what we would be doing without all this help. We feel like we are running ragged right now, I can't imagine not having help. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We are so grateful.

Here are some updates on the babies.

Each baby had to visit our pediatrician within 3-5 days from being released from the hospital. Each baby was healthy and happy and the dr. was happy. She was so sweet and gave me my flu shot right in her office. All babies received their 2 month vaccinations in the hospital and we will go back to the dr to get their 4 month shots. Each baby also received their 1st Synagis shot in the NICU and will go back monthly to our pediatrician to get their next ones. Synagis is a monthly injection designed to protect preemies during RSV season. It is given every 28-31 days. Not all of our babes are on the same schedule so we have to take them at different times. Jaileigh is going in for her 2nd shot on the 30th. Jakob and Michael will go in together the following week and Anthony after that.

Here are the most recent weights-

Anthony 7 lbs 3 ozs

Michael 6 lbs 8 ozs

Jakob 6 lbs 8 1/2 ozs

Jaileigh 5 lbs 6 ozs

All babies had to go visit the opthamologist. This is normal part of preemie life. The dr. checks for ROP- I know I have talked about this before. We went in last week for the 3 boys and there retinas are all developing. They are still immature but they are in the last stage of immaturity. NO ROP HOORAY!

Now for the fun part- PICTURES

Jakob sleeping sweetly. His hands were so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Jakob and Michael in their somewhat matching outfits. People don't like it when I dress them alike because they get confused about who is who. The boys are really growing into their identicalness. At the beginning I was afraid they weren't going to look alike but now I know differently. The triplets are growing into each other slowly.

Jaileigh- here was another hands picture I couldn't resist. The NICU nurses painted her fingernails bright pink, solidifying her Princess status.

Michael trying to sleep and digest his HUGE meal. I don't let them sleep on their stomachs, so don't worry and please no hate mail. (That was a joke)

Our friend Buck came to visit and ended up on baby duty. His comment before he came out was " I'll help clean, cook, whatever but I don't hold babies" Ha Ha He's a pro now .
Sleeping on the job- I wonder where the 4th baby is?

Michael covering his nose. One drawback of being a preemie is the nasty gas. He is probably covering his nose from his own smells.

Michael and Jaileigh hanging out in the swing- Jaileigh does not like to sleep alone. She sleeps much better when someone is really close to her.

Jakob and Jaileigh in the swing (Ok I lied this is really Michael and Jaileigh again)

Jaileigh and Anthony

Michael and Jakob in their Halloween costumes with dad

Jaileigh in her costume with her bib still on. Pictures were right after feeding time and we didn't want any spills so they all had bibs on. (I wonder where the cubs bibs are?I think Mike burned them after they lost to the Dodgers.)

Mike with Little Mike and Big Jake Jakob
The family at Halloween. I guess Mike and I should have dressed up. (anyone recognize the shirt Mike has on- St. George Marathon)
Anthony- -throwing a fit, Jakob, Jaileigh- throwing a fit, and Michael
Somehow I got the two cranky babies- Anthony and Jaileigh


Stephanie said...

Loved the article!
They looks so adorable in all the pics!!
Happy Halloween..hope yall have a great first holiday all together as a fam of 6!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and Pictures!!! They are getting so big and are adorable!!! You are so blessed!!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

They are just so cute. Are the boys identical? I just can't tell them apart. So cute!

Jenny said...

OMG! they are SOOO cute...i had to do a double take---they're 3 mos old already?! wow! it's gone so quickly:) they look great and their weights are fabulous:) keep up the good work momma:) i love the sleeping pic of you and them. I really miss those moments with mine now that they don't like to snuggle like that anymore:(

love ya

The Gerwer Babies said...

They are SOOO cute!!!
Love on them when they are little! They get big fast, i promise!

Following Him said...

Glad everyone is doing well and growing.

HAPPY 3 MONTHS DEMARIA QUADS!!! I can not believe you all are 3 months!

Love all the pictures!

Sara Tyre said...

Love the pic of mom sleeping with babies. too cute. Great looking family. Enjoy!

Cochran Quads said...

Precious!!! They are all so freaking cute!!! I was so lucky we got our's on the same Synagis regimine! On one hand I know you'll hate making several trips to the doc, but if you're like me, a: you get to make sure they're gaining, etc and b: it's a chance to get out of the house and interact with adults!! Keep on keeping on, you're doing great!

nennermommy said...

Hi Mike and Amber, I love the article and all the picture I love seeing new updates and its amazing how fast its gone since I came and visited. I cant belive they are 3 months old congrats on the success and Congrats on them all home! I can't waite until I can come visit again! Love you 6!!! Jen

Moni Graf said...

Happy 3 months! Loved the costumes, but I loved the pretty princess nail polish even more. I can't resist painting my Danna's nails, either. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do....especially when she's surrounded by 3 stinky boys all the time.

The pic of you sleeping on the couch with 3 babies is priceless. You'll take sleep any way you can!

Love from KS,

Sunny said...

OOOOhhhh Amber, they are so adorable! They really look good. I can't believe they are three months old already! You are truly a Survivor Mom! Alex had RSV when he was two weeks old. It was scary. He was in the hospital for a week. It wasn't very serious, but they had to ween him off of the oxygen. It wasn't fun. Your message was eloquently written. I'd love to see more video if you get another moment! It makes it so "real" to see them squirming around. I still need your address! Love you!

Andria said...

Gorgeous kids. I'm such a mess after birthing singletons, I envy your "saneness". These are the most beautiful babies. The article was great too. And Dad might reconsider Jaileigh's Cheerleading hopes after that first Powderpuff tackle doesn't go so well. LOL. Oh, he'll be "wrapped" I'm sure! Love it! You're so blessed.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations!! It couldn't be any better could it??

Pam in California said...

Is the article accurate that the boys are identical?

jag said...

First of all, they are so cute! Secondly, what is the support that you have in the swing with Michael? I was going to order noggin nests, but yours looks better for what we need.
Thanks, Jenna (
Mom of GBBB quads