Thursday, October 23, 2008

The closer . . . . . . Anthony Joseph. GAME OVER!

Anthony came home on Tuesday October 21. He was very happy to be home with his siblings and I think that they were happy to have him home. Mike and I are excited to not have to drive to the hospital every day to visit. I was coming home from the hospital at 2:00 am on Saturday night and got pulled over for "drunk driving". My mom and I explained to the officer that I was just extremely tired. It was time to end the driving.

It was a bittersweet homecoming. Anthony was the last to come home and the beginning of no more hospital visits. We are going to miss our new NICU family and really hope that they will keep in touch. We have met the most wonderful people and have felt that we are so blessed to have nurses that care so much. Many of them have already babysat and been over to help us. We truly were spoiled in the NICU by our nurses. All of our new friends have an open invitation to stop by any time. We love you! We love sleepless nights because it means all of our babies are home together. And yes, they are sleepless.

Anthony Jakob Michael and Jaileigh- size order
Anthony on his way home from the hospital

Jaileigh modeling her new outfit and quilt

Aunt Julie feeding Anthony

Jaileigh and her boppy with Anthony's rice bag on her belly

The sleepy wrap. The NICU gave us 2 of these cool things. You can hold 2 babies at a time and it doesn't hurt your back at all. This is Jakob and Michael.


Anthony and Jakob and Michael

Anthony and Jakob

Jakob making cute faces

Michael sleeping in the boppy


fourbabies4us said...

YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!
They are all here, healthy, home and you survived the nicu!!! Give yourselves a huge round of applause.
I'm so very happy for you! I know the feeling of missing the friends from the NICU but at the same time you're just so dang glad to have everyone under one roof. Stay away from the car keys, the exhaustion has only begun :o) It's a good kind of tired though, especially when you look at the 4 precious little things sleeping side by side.

Sunny said...

Yeah! Amber! Email me your new address so I can send you something! Hope you had fun with Julie!

rachael said...

welcome home anthony! i had a moby wrap which is very similar to what you are using and LOVED it!

Following Him said...

Welcome home Anthony! Glad all four are now under one roof and are doing wonderfully. They are so sweet!

Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

Yeah! They are all so dang CUTE!!! I wish I could snuggle them!

**G** said...

Game Over?! Sounds more like Game ON!!! It's great to hear that you're all together! Now the fun begins! So, how much does everyone weigh? They are almost at their EDD right? Wishing you all the best and let me know when they're ready for new hat sizes!!! Mitties come with the next set too!!!

Misty said...

I am so happy for you! Congratulations on having all of your family home!