Wednesday, September 10, 2008

quick update

Just so you don't worry, the babies are doing fine. Gaining weight, nippling, and looking cute. I will post a big one soon.


Shelly said...

Congradulations on your babues. I saw your blog through Sunny Moore's blog. I know her husband James from way back at church. We have a set of quintuplets that will soon be turning five plus two other children. I know how exciting it is to see the babies grow. They all look great. You are doing a great job.

Sara Tyre said...

Opps sorry. The post from above is actually from me. I was signed in under my sister-in-laws blog when I posted. Shelly did not actually post a comment on your blog it was me. Sorry about that.

Misty said...

Yeah Amber! I'm so happy to read how well things are going! I look forward to your next update.
Keeping ya'll in my prayers! I know how busy this time is and moving on top of it, I can only image! (well, actually we did sort of move in the middle of it too!)
Feel free to email me if you need anything or questions,
Take care,
MOM to GGGG quads

Sonja said...

I have watched your blog for a while now and yes I am a "baby lover". Multiple births have always been "cool" to me. I have twin nieces who are now 25 years old. Lots has changed since they were born. All the great help and new ideas of helping take care of them is AWESOME.

I know you are very busy with moving and the babies, I just wanted to say, CONGRATULATIONS again and God Bless all of you. Grammy Bear has been doing a wonderful job of keeping us updated. Thanks Grammy Bear.

Sonja - Fl

L.Taggart said...

I hope you're able to get some rest. Keep yourself healthy too. I am glad you can trust your hubby in choosing your new home etc. Keep loving each other. Keep smiling. Now it starts getting more busy!