Friday, July 4, 2008

This is Amber's sister Rori Amber was admitted to the loony bin on Wednesday the day after i arrived although i see no connection... Truthfully she was put in the hospital when she went for her checkup and they found she was dilating and was having to many contractions. Everything is under control now but they will not release her until she delivers, so you may be stuck with me or another obscure family member for awhile:)
Now because Amber has given me almost free reign of the precious blog i am going to tell you a story of sisterly collaboration against the worlds most loathed object...THE BED PAN! Even typing those three words gives me a shiver down my spine just thinking of the narrow escape Amber had yesterday. And now to explain.
Amber and i were quietly minding our own business poking each other and whispering as she has a room mate (temporary we hope). I was trying to wake up the babies by putting the T.V. speaker up against her tummy and Amber was lightly smacking my head because apparently the babies were napping and were in no mood to do something entertaining for Auntie Rori. When in walked the nurse whom we had liked up to this point because she claimed to be something of a multiples whisperer. Claiming that when she graced a room with her presence the multiples would lie still long enough for her to get their vital signs. Obviously we were in awe of her and became still as well as the Quads. With her brow furrowed she proceeded to ask Amber if she had unplugged her contractions monitor. After exchanging a worried glance with me Amber replied that she had in order to get up to relieve her squished bladder. The nurse got a slight smile on her face which immediately made us suspicious and said" O dear the Doctor has you on compete bed-rest, with NO bathroom privileges." Our mouths dropped in horror and i think i saw a slight glisten in Amber's eye as she brought out the BED PAN OF DOOM and politely covered it with a sheet type thing. It took us approximately twenty minutes to discover that this would not do and as the bathroom was three feet away Amber could make it in and out within two minutes. I offered in my own juvenile way to put the contraction monitor on my stomach and flex my tummy every once in awhile so it wouldn't look suspicious to the nurses looking at their monitors in the nurses station. Amber of course said no and instead suggested that i look out the door and wait for the nurse to leave the monitor and that was when Amber would make her move. We sat there while the now evil multiples whisperer left and was replaced by another nurse. When nature finally called about forty five minutes later Amber feeling guilty as is the nature of naturally sweet people told me to just go ask the nurse if she could unplug the monitor so she could go to the restroom because the new nurse had neither heard and seen nothing of the bed pan as I had shoved it into a supply closet. I was all for the espionage angle we had planned before, but was unwilling to anger the pregnant woman and so i went and asked the nurse who said by all means go relieve yourself. Surprised and amazed i was half way to the door when she said oh wait she is on bed rest, and proceeded to follow me to Amber's room to tell her herself. She checked the charts and exasperated Amber told the nurse that she had been up and down for two days in the hospital with no problems and would be just fine. Sensing a meltdown was close i suggested that the nurse talk to the Doctor and discuss the situation. She did so and now Amber is the proud user of a flush able porcelain throne and a good deal more friendly with the nurses. And the message here as we can all see is to never concede that the pink plastic potty is the only way!!!!
Well that is my story sorry if it was boring and sorry to all you English teachers or grammar freaks grammar has never been the highlight of my existence:) Thank you for remembering Amber in your prayers we need all we can get!! Good bye for now till i type again if i am ever allowed to:)


fourbabies4us said...

Oh Rori,
You are hilarious! It's no wonder Amber was so excited for you to get there. I'm soooooo glad that she doesn't have to use the evil bed pan. Honestly, which is harder, perching an off balance pregger chick with a litter over a 6" bedpan hole or just letting her wobble to the potty where she can have some dignity?
Congrats on making it another day. Every day adds up and soon it will be safe to deliver. Hang in there and we'll be there soon, although I doubt that I'm as entertaining as Rori. Perhaps Jen and I will just have to go take care of the dogs.
Love you,

Moni Graf said...

Hi Mike and Amber et al,
I found your blog via the King Quads site. I also have 3B/1G quads that are 7 months old now. It doesn't seem like too long ago when I was going through the same stuff. Time really does fly! Looks like you're doing a great job of growing those babies! I was in the hospital for a month before I delivered and I know how stir crazy you get. Just remember that it'll pass before you know it and soon you'll be trying to spoon feed those babies and laughing at the funny faces they make!
If you ever have any questions or need to chat with someone who's been in your shoes, don't hesistate to shoot me an email. Our little girl also was the smallest. It was her who decided when we needed to deliver (31 weeks) and she still runs the show.
Keep up the HUMOR and the great gestating.
Love from KS,

King Quads said... hang in there! You are doing such a good job at taking care of those little babies. I am looking forward to hearing lots of updates while you are in the hospital. We are praying for you and your babies. I am sure it's no fun being in the hospital, I am not looking forward to it...but it's the best place you can be right now, and it's only short term - it will be worth it!

Tubre Quads said...

Hang in there Amber, you are doing a great job. Your sister is hilarious! If you ever need to vent or have questions, feel free to email me jtubre at I was in and out of the hospital several times and I can definitely relate to where you are. My gbbg quads are now 9 1/2 months old and I can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday we were awaiting their arrival. Moni Graf and I were in the hospital together in Phoenix - so we know where you are. Sending lots of postive thoughts, low blood pressure, growing babies, many more weeks in utero and prayers your way. You can do it!

Mike - you are in charge of midnight ice cream runs to the cafeteria or whatever she wants! I'm sure you are already spoiling her as much as possible, but go overboard every chance you get!


PS - I'm going to link you to our blog if that is ok.

Collegegirl said...

Amber-I found your blog through the King and Burkett quads. I do not have quads and I am just in college, but I have taken it upon myself to encourage and that is what I am here to do!!!

You are an amazing woman who God willingly has chosen to have quads. You are an awesome woman who is so special and is amazing! Your quads will be beautiful and so special!!!
Hang in there!!!

Sunny said...

Oh, Rori, I love you! I can just picture you two sitting in the hospital together! Of course, the last time I saw you, I think you were in Jr. High! It's been way too long! I'm so glad that you two have each other!