Saturday, July 19, 2008

#### Numbers ####

In my free time I started a list of numbers of the events from my first 14 days in the hospital. The list started in my head and then I eventually decided to type it up. This is to make up for all the daydreaming I did in math class. I found myself highly entertained. Maybe you will find it informational and entertaining as well. This list is for days 1-14 only. Today is my 17th day in the hospital so the numbers have changed but I will not be redoing the list anytime soon.

3340- grams of babies
2008 miles- longest distance traveled by a visitor (Darcy from Wisconsin)
454 grams in a pound
72-80- contractions per day
32- nurses (all of them have been wonderful!)
24- miles from our house to the hospital
23- number of visitors
21- approximate number of times I use the restroom a day
14- days (2 weeks) in the hospital- All Inclusive Vacation
11- number of injections with a needle in my body, not my I.V.
9- blood draws
8- number of vitamins I take each day
7- I.V. starts
7- issues of People magazine I've read
6- ultrasounds
6- monitors hooked up for an hour each morning and night
6- Procardia pills
4- babies
4- placentas
4- different rooms (suites)
4- Wheelchair rides
3- urine tests
3- signs on my door
3- injections of terbutaline
3- wonderful care packets
1- glucose test
1- roommate (for 1 day)
1- x-ray
1- visit from Wrigley and Maddox
0- number of good meals served by the hospital


Sonja said...

Oh wow.... you must have been bored. :) I spent many many days on bed rest with my son. I began contacting and dilating at 14 weeks and he was born at 30 weeks. Today he is a strong willed, healthy almost 18 year old.
My prayers are with you and your little bundles.
Interesting statement about the hospital food. I've been told (each time I was in the hospital) Hospital food was the best for you. LOLOLOL Imagine it to be your favorite food and hold your nose. Those babies have to grow. :) LOLOLOLOL Take care and enjoy your time resting.... When the little ones get here.... it will be awhile until you have this much time on your hands again.

Collegegirl said...

Ok Miss math/science major who has LOTS of time on her hands. Are you board yet? I believe hospital food is never good. Hang in there! Glad you are reading LOTS of People and getting out once in a while (wheelchair rides).

Hang in there and relax if you can!

**G** said...

Oh no - for your "0"!!! Thank goodness you have your fan club bringing you goodies! It's good to hear that you're not going bonkers! You could always think ahead to setting things up so they'll just be 'fill in the blank' after the babies get here...? I know sometimes it seems like you don't have enough to do, but then other times you can't fit anything else in! I'll keep praying for these 'lazing around' days and that your babies get as much time as possible INSIDE! (((HUGS)))

Sunny said...

What's wrong with you??? I LOVED the hospital food --well some of it. The best thing was getting to order whatever I wanted after the baby was born. I finally had room to eat! You must only be able to eat about a tablespoon at a time! Someday (hopefully not too soon) you'll have your stomach back! And you'll be able to eat . . .hummm Mike's food??? Better enjoy the hospital food while you can!