Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's A Balancing Act

I am going to blame my slow blogging on you guys. I have received so many visits and 3 care packages that I don’t have time and energy to blog. I love the visits and care packages and wouldn’t trade them for anything! You are doing a wonderful job of keeping me entertained.

Now for the babies update. That is probably what all of you are waiting for. Mike tells me about all of you that he works with, my mom tells me about everyone in St. George, and Sandy tells me about all the church people that read so I will try and be better about updating.

The doctors are not really concerned with HELPP. My blood pressure is very low, I’m not swelling anywhere, and I don’t have abdominal pain. Today they did a blood test to see if my platelets have dropped and I will let you know when I get the results back.

The heart decels in Baby D have continued and they have decided that he is in a little fetal distress. Yesterday Baby C joined in on the decels as well. Baby D has them everytime he his put on the fetal monitoring so they sent me down to ultrasound to have a doppler study done on his unbilical cord. They found out his blood velocity is high- which explains why he is having heart decels. I don’t really understand why a high velocity does this but it means he isn’t getting all the nutrients he needs. They checked the blood flow to his brain and he has great blood flow there.

Dr Oshiro is my primary doctor and the head of the perinatology department at Loma Linda. He checks on me a couple of times a week and as far as things go he has the final say. The other doctors that I talk about are the doctors that are in charge of rounds for the week. The all work in his office they are just the ones on call for the week. This week Dr. Gilson and Dr. Lister are working. This is frustrating to me to not have Dr. Oshiro here everyday. For example, Monday Dr’s Lister and Gilson informed me that they weren’t going to sacrifice Baby’s A, B, and C to save Baby D. They were going to let me go to 30 weeks even if Baby D was struggling. Dr. Oshiro came in later in that day and said he would deliver me if Baby D was struggling, especially if I was past 28 weeks. He has full confidence in the NICU here.

I am on on Procardia on an off/on basis. Basically after I have the fetal monitoring I have to go on Procardia. The monitoring really gets my uterus excited or angry which then causes me to contract even more. Normally I have 3-4 contractions and hour. Today, because of the monitoring, I had 8 contractions in 30 minutes. It is all a balancing game. We are praying for all things to balance out.

Today they have also scheduled a biophysical profile on Baby D. This will tell the doctors even more about how he is doing. This morning he did not have a heard decel so maybe he is doing better.

That is it for now. Oh- They have now given me the Pediatric Childrens Hospital Menu to choose from. This will help with the yucky food problem. The food is actually ok for hospital food. The problem is really me. I am allergic to onions so that eliminates almost all of my entree choices. I usually have to order peanut butter and jelly or quesadillas. I love both of those food items but 3 weeks of eating them gets a little old.

I almost forgot- Today is 3 weeks in the hospital. I think that I am still sane. Mike could probably tell you better than I could if I am. I should have him write a blog about his side of the experience. I think he has it far harder than I do. He still has to work everyday, make his own meals, take care of the dogs (they are very high maintenance because we spoiled them), and come visit me. He drives about 1,000 miles a week for work and in normal circumstances this tires him out. I can’t imagine what he is going through now. Poor Mike. **Sorry Rori- I know how you are feeling about the mean BIL. You might have to give up on your vendetta and forgive him.

Thank you to all of you for your comments, emails, calls, visits, care packages, and prayers and everything I forgot!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there little girl!! We are all joining hands in faith and prayer for baby D and C too. We are lucky that Dr. O has such kindness and faith, and with faith working what could be more powerful. We love you! Keep looking upward!

Andria said...

Praying that you continue to be in good health and that the babys' health status will allow them to bake a little longer.

Sammy'smommy said...

Sending love and prayers for you and the babies. We will pray that baby D is doing better and that you can cook those babies as long as God wants you to

**G** said...

It's great to hear that the HELPP is 'in check' and not something that they think is happening!

If you don't get to update because you're busy and distracted then that's not a bad thing! It's really great to hear that you're not going stir-crazy!

Hang in there! (((HUGS)))

Collegegirl said...

I will do what everyone else is doing-say HANG in THERE!!! Grow babies grow. Good luck picking a hospital!

The Dairy Wife said...

Hi Amber, I'm Tanya, Mom to "The FarmHouse Kids", my 3 year old triplets here in Indiana (close to Jenny Burkitt) I've been following and praying for you.

It sounds like things are in check and going well. Keep up the positive thoughts and pray to keep those littles in there for a bit longer!

I'm praying extra's for baby D.

Three weeks in the hosptial? I was there for 8 weeks ... it's a long haul, but oh so worth it in the long run. You can do anything for those littles. Just take one day at a time!

Take care.

Tanya Siekman

Jenny said...

praying for you girl! it was sooo good to talk the other day! call ANYTIME!!! praying lots for lil D!
love ya

Marci said...

We are so excited for you! I am staying at Kristy's for the week and we love reading your updates in the evening. I had a few days away from the computer and can't believe how much I'd missed. What a treat to have several posts to read!! Sorry we never comment, I hope you have a counter or something that lets you know that lots are reading and caring about you. Kristy and I will be booking a trip once you deliver and have an idea of the babies' health. I figure you'd appreciate our visit once you have your hands VERY full!!! We love you tons, and can't wait to see you. Darcy loved visiting you, and even though Corey thinks your relationship is strange (they've only met once, right?) I think it's great. I'm loving all your music, and just keep your blog open so I can listen to Amber Radio. I think I need to download all your songs because I haven't disliked any that I've heard. Sorry this is such a ramble, I want to talk to you and don't have time since I'm visiting family -- they keep me hopping, you may remember :) Everyone asks about you and is very excited/anxious for you. The #1 question I field is "What kind of support system does she have set up?" I answer with a hopeful response because I don't really know the answer. I'm back home on Sunday, so expect a loonnnnnggggggg phone call next week! I love you tons, keep baking!

Moni Graf said...

Isn't it frustrating how each doctor seems to tell you a different story. I think that would make me mad if a doctor wasn't going to let me weigh in on sacrificing 1 baby for the other 3! That should be you and Mike's decision to deliver or not! Luckily, it sounds like Dr Oshiro is more on the same page as you.

We faced a similar scenario with our Baby C. She was having cord flow problems noticed around week 25. They said they'd monitor her and if she started going downhill, my husband and I would have some tough decisions to make. Luckily, the little trooper hung in there for 31 weeks and THEN decided it was time to come out. She still calls the shots today at 8 months! What a little diva!

Anyway, just wanted to offer an email or phone buddy if you ever need to talk to someone who has an idea of what you're going through. My email is - I'd be happy to send you my cell #!

Keep up the great gestating and blog updates!

Love from KS,

The Gerwer Babies said...

Girl, again with the same stuff going on!! Our baby D started hardly getting anything after going three weeks of no weight gain, her bloodflow and nutrients werent getting where they needed to go. Us and the doctors agreed there was more then could do for her and everyone else at that point than my body could do for them (that broke my heart). So i delivered at 29 weeks. She was the smallest but ironically did the best outside the womb. None of my kids were ventalated and three of them were on room air in 5 days! No oxygen at all, including the small one. So if they do opt to take them out, they will do great. They got steriods on board with mine the last 48 hours and that was that. You are doing great and hang in there!

damien said...

will keep praying that you have a safe and easy delivery sounds like there ready to come into this world and meet mommy and daddy .

Dancingbear said...


Be healthy.


Nice toes, go cubs.