Monday, July 7, 2008

Hooray!! Amber is off of her medicine and contraction machine!!!!

Hi again this is still Rori, Amber has given me permission to continue writing her precious blog as long as i call her and read it before i publish it as i tend to get carried away into too much detail!
OK so here is the update Amber gave us a bit of a scare on Saturday when her contractions started to be one minute apart, and the Doctors began to prep her for the birth of her babies, and discovered that she had pneumonia in one of her lungs when they discovered she had a fever. It is too early for the babies to come so Amber received a priesthood blessing and with its help and medication, her contractions began to slow and she is now allowed to eat and move around. We are very grateful for all of you who fasted and prayed for her!
Now on a less serious note Amber and my tricks which are entertaining enough to keep even a bored mother to be laughing are at an end. Our mother has arrived. Now in any other situation our mother would be welcome as she is very useful as one of the mothering breed tend to be. But since she was the source our entertainment was directed at her arrival has brought a bit of melancholy to Amber's dear little purple walled hospital room.
Now to explain... Imagine if you will Amber and I sitting on her hard little bed looking in vain for some form of entertainment on the telly when Amber's cell phone begins to ring. One look at the caller i.d. brings wicked little smiles to our faces as we both raise our eye brows and Amber hands me the cellular device. Now apparently when Amber and I talk on the phone we sound alike which is irritating for our dear family members, who usually instead of admitting their confusion ask us a series of questions designed to discover who we are. My favorites tend to be along the lines of "How is your sister, what is she doing" " What are you doing" " Have any of your friends called, if so who?" Amber and I have played this game long enough we are usually able to keep them going until they slip up which is usually what dear mother does, as she seems to be too impatient to keep the game going. So it was with great joy that I heard my mom ask me if I had had my ultra sound yet. I replied no i had not. Slightly miffed she asked me why not and i replied because i was not pregnant after which i hurried and handed the phone to Amber who got the brunt of moms disapproval.
Another item of excitement this weekend was that our family came down!!! Our family consists of our mom, dad, our brother Andy and his wife Tia plus half a person in the form of our unborn nephew, Major. This gathering significantly crowded the little hospital room and the nurses looked in amusement as each time we came we brought loads of entertainment for Amber in the form of DVD players, books, fingernail polish, eyebrow plucker's, candy, food, etc...
HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am downstairs in Amber's basement and my mom just yelled down that Amber has been taken off her medication and her contraction machine because her contractions have completely stopped!! Even though Amber still has the peneumonia her fever is gone and she is on anti-biotics that are helping he improve daily. We know that this was possible because all of you who prayed for her and asked your wards to pray and fast for her yesterday. Thank you SOOOOO much!!!

p.s. sorry if this shows up twice i hit publish before i was done writing:)


G M said...

Detail was good last time! LOL, you might think it's TMI, but we're 'girls' here! We've either BTDT or need fair warning for the future!

Amber... hang in there Mama! Anyone trying to hook you up with a laptop yet?! Try craigslist and you might get lucky!! Even if they won't let you sit up then get a wireless keyboard and mouse! This could save your sanity!!!

Anonymous said...

You are rapidly becoming my favorite writer! No question that the humor makes all of this tension go down a little easier. I just found the blog, thanks to Mark. Fantastic work, I love it. We are praying for you guys and can't wait for your little family to blossom. Hope all goes well while you wait. Our best to Mike, Amber and the whole family. Love, Greg & Miriam

Collegegirl said...

Rori-you are hilarious. Hope Amber does well today and tomorrow. Remind her that she HAS TO BE strong and she is an awesome lady. Hope the wait goes by fast and the days just drive away soon!

Amber hang in there!

Jenny said...

AWESOME!!!! i'm soo glad things are still holding strong!:) Tell Amber we're still praying for her and that Brian enjoyed talking to Mike the other day!!
Keep up the good work on the Blog! you're very funn!:)


Misty said...

Rori, you are hilarious! Amber, I'm so sorry to hear you have had a few rough days. I do hope it gets better for you. You are still doing awesome!!!! I need to get back to you on your last email, but I have been thinking of you. Hopefully someone can get you a laptop. It truly was my sanity when I got put in the hospital & on bedrest.

Alicia said...

Hello! I found Amber's blog through the Gerwer Quad's blog. I will be praying for Amber, Mike and the babies.

If Amber is able to get online while she is on hospital bedrest, tell her to sign up for a google reader account. She can add subscriptions to all of her blogs that she checks and get updated whenever the blogger posts something new.

Good luck! Try to stay entertained and rest up!

hayley said...

Hi, you are doing great keeping us updated. Amber keep up the rest you are going to need it. Maybe I can get out there this fall. I need to come see you but vacation days are almost gone. Good luck with everything. If I can do anything let me know.

King Quads said...

Amber keep hanging in there. I think about you all the time and you are in my prayers. We'll have to show the Tubre's and Graf's how a real dance competion is done once our babies are here :) Keep up the good work on keeping those precious babies inside of you.

Casey's trio said...

Hi Amber and Michael!
I can't quite remember how I found your blog, but I wanted to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you and hoping those contractions continue to stay away. Hospital bedrest can be tough, but it gave me piece of mind to know that my babies were monitored so much:) I look forward to reading about your pregnancy journey.
Take care,
Casey in CA

Sunny said...

Rori, You have no idea how much it means to me that you are keeping the blog going. I have been thinking and praying for Amber all week long. The kids are praying for her too, and they can't remember who she is! It is wonderful and such a relief to get the updates you are sending! Give everyone my love!