Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here’s The Novel!

One Week Down in the Suites de Hospital a la Loma Linda

I am back. Sad for a lot of you, I know, because Rori is so entertaining. I told her that she needs to do a weekly update, just for the humor. A lot of you want the nitty gritty details so I have tried to remember everything I could. I was surprised at how much I could remember. I am not offended at all if you would like to email and ask me more personal questions. I left out the really dirty details because there are people that read this that do not want to know those details. My email is on the right hand side of the blog.

Wednesday (7/2)
This was a big day. I had my doctors’ appointment, my gestational diabetes test, and if all went well a baby shower. Mike, Rori, and I all went to the doctor together. Mike kept telling everyone that Rori was our child, which embarrassed both of us. I don’t know why she was embarrassed. I was embarrassed because I didn’t want to be thought of as old enough to have a 16-year-old.
My big day was ruined when Dr. Oshiro admitted me to the hospital for pre-term labor. I was having too many contractions, my cervical length was too short (gone), and I was effaced and dilated to 1 cm. They admitted me to labor and delivery, which is a very nice wing of the hospital. I wish I was back there. The rooms are huge and private.

Susy and Heidi were throwing a baby shower for the Crestline and the Victoria ward. I was very excited to go to it. When going to the doctor is the highlight of your week because you are trapped in your house, going to a shower was like a trip to Paris. The shower was cancelled and moved until after the babies are born so that we can still attend.

I was put on Indocin (Indomethacin) for the contractions and Keflex to treat for GBS (strep) until they got the strep test results. Eating was not allowed in case I had to have a C-section and I was hooked up to an IV to keep me hydrated. I also had continuous contraction monitoring. The monitoring actually makes me relax because I don’t have to pay attention to my contractions as much. I know the nurse is in the other room watching them on the computer. You can really tell who the good nurses are because of how they watch the monitors. If I am having a series of contractions the good nurses run in to check on me and to make sure I’m not in pain. If it is a so-so nurse they come in an hour or so later and ask if I have had any contractions. I really haven’t had one bad nurse. They majority have been exceptional!
I also received my first steroid treatment for the babies lung development. I will receive the next one in 24 hours. They warned me that they would hurt but it was nothing compared to the progesterone in oil shots I had to have for 12 weeks. Those were so painful I swear I still have lumps on my bum from them.

Thursday (7/3)
Still on Indocin and Keflex in case of strep. I was moved from labor and delivery at eight or nine at night to the high risk ante-partum wing. I was moved in with a roommate. YIKES! I can’t say that I like sharing a bathroom with another pregnant woman especially when you both have to go every 30 minutes. High risk ante-partum rooms are all in a circle around the nurses station. The patients that are here are high risk pregnancy patients that are waiting to deliver or who have delivered. I asked the nurse how many had multiples. There is one other lady who is pregnant with twins.
My strep results came back negative so they took me off the Keflex. I am only on IV fluids, Indocin, and the contraction monitor. They also allowed me to eat today.

Friday (7/4)
My parents, brother and sister-in-law arrived. More entertainment! If you can picture seven of us squished into half a room with one guest chair and my roommate had that many people on her side too, it is quite hilarious. Finally one of the nurses took pity on us and moved us to another room that night at nine or 10. This room is still a shared room but there isn’t anyone in it but me. They told Mike he could sleep in the other bed. He has been able to sleep over with me because my family is here. They go home at night and babysit the dogs and the house. When they leave, we are going to be very sad.
Today, I received my last Indocin. Hooray! They also took me off the IV and let me shower. My Gestational Diabetes came back negative, I can still eat otter pops!

Saturday (7/5) 25 WEEKS HOORAY!!!
I woke up feeling yucky. I was having trouble breathing and it hurt to breathe deep. I have asthma and allergies so I just thought something was bothering me. I really don’t remember a lot of details about this day. I remember that I was having a lot of contractions and the doctors were in my room all day. They were really concerned about the contractions I was having so they put me on Procardia, a calcium channel blocker. I received this every 30 minutes for three doses and then they decided it wasn’t working. I was sooooo hot. I felt like I was on fire and I could feel my pulse beating inside my eyeballs. They decided to try Terbutaline, another anti-contraction drug. When they told me that I broke down and started crying. I was so upset that this was a last resort. They started prepping me for surgery- blood work, IV, signing consents, etc. The terbutaline is given in shot form and works rather quickly. It made my heart race even more than the Procardia and I had muscle twitches in my whole body. If you have ever taken albuterol, it was 100 times worse than that feeling. I felt like a drug junky. About this time they discovered that I had a fever. Now they started looking for the source of the fever. I told them earlier about my shortness of breath so they ordered a chest x-ray. I was also having extreme back pain on my right side so they ordered a UA (clean urine sample). By this time the terbutaline was working. They shot me up with Demerol and I was gone for the night. The nurse put the Demerol in my IV, in five seconds I felt it hit my brain and in five more I was asleep. That stuff was awesome! I had a hang over the next day though.
Rori remembers more about this day so you can check the previous blog entry and somewhere in between you will get all the details.

Sunday (7/6)
We found out I have pneumonia and not a UTI. I was put on a Z-pack to treat it. They also put me back on the Procardia to keep the contractions under control. I don’t have any side effects from the Procardia. The ones I experienced earlier were from the fever.
Andy, Tia, and my Dad went home this morning. They left Rori and my mom. Rori as you know for entertainment and my mom for help. It helps so much to have family here. I have felt so calm knowing that my mom is close and will take care of everything. I am so grateful to my dad for letting us keep them because I know how attached he is to my mom. I don’t think they have ever been apart longer than a week.

Monday (7/7)
Monday afternoon taken off Procardia and given it only as needed. Monday night I was taken off continuous fetal monitoring. Doctor Oshiro also ordered that I be allowed to sleep from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. without being disturbed. This was because our wonderful nurse Leigh pushed for it. I wasn’t sleeping at all because I was being woken up every four hours for fetal monitoring and vital signs and then in between I would have to go to the bathroom. They taped a big sign across the door to not have anyone disturb me between these hours too. Leigh also got permission for me to shower today. It was very refreshing, I no longer smell like "hospital" as Rori calls the smell that was permeating from my body. My hair decided that it was going to be curly during my pregnancy and is out of control without a shower to tame it.

Tuesday (7/8)
No monitors and no drugs. Just vital signs and fetal hr monitoring every four hours except between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m..

Great day! I got the internet tonight. The only complaint I had today was my blood pressure was a little high because I was so excited about the internet and no more drugs.

I wanted to tell all of you who have visited thank you so much. The visits no matter how long or short really help keep my spirits up. I get so excited when people come by to say hello and I really appreciate those of you who have been in. Those of you who have called, texted, and emailed thank you too! I will get around to returning emails and phone calls.

Also, thank you so much to all of you who are praying. Your prayers are being heard. I have been so calm and I know that everything will turn out all right because there are so many people praying. Every prayer helps and is heard and appreciated.
A huge thank you to the 4 wards that fasted for us on Sunday. Sunday was a positive turning point for us and I know it was because of the fasting and prayers of so many. It is so humbling and overwhelming to know that so many people care about us and our babies. This pregnancy has been so humbling to me personally. I have never wanted to be the center of attention or one to rely on others and the Lord is teaching me that it is ok to be in need and to have others pray for you.

For those of you worried about my sanity in the hospital you don't need to worry. I am well entertained. The nurses are wonderful people and like to chat with me. I also have books to read, Cable TV, the Internet, a journal to write in, someone who wants to teach me to knit, and lots of visitors. More importantly I have peace of mind that I am being taken care of and my babies are too. I no longer have to worry about going up and down the 4 levels of stairs at our house, I have maid service, I get to pick my meals, I get snacks, I am very catered to here. I am enjoying myself and don't think that I will be going stir crazy too soon. The only negative to being here is not seeing my puppies everyday. I miss them a lot. They have been my buddies the last month. I am so thankful that my mom and sister are here and keeping an eye on them.


Collegegirl said...

It is GREAT news that you are doing better today! Glad it was a little smoother. Hope tomorrow goes better! HANG IN THERE and remember YOU ARE AN AWESOME soon-to-be MAMA!!!

Alicia said...

stranger/lurker here...

I have been thinking about you and am praying for you and the babies (and mike too!)

take care and keep the good spirits up!

G M said...

That was quite a run-down there! Somebody was taking notes?! From previous experience (when my YDD was in PICU for a month) the days can certainly 'blend' and having someplace to track things is really helpful after. I posted on a message board (the same one that I know Michelle/QM on) and actually went back to some of my posts there to recall which day, which event happened! You gotta love the internet in hospitals!

And Rori? I've only recently found your blog so I hadn't read back far enough for the rundown other than her being your sister. She's 16?! Go Rori!!! She'll definitely make an excellent guest host when you're not able to post here! Part of me wonders too if your Mom will take a shot at it... that's another perspective that would be interesting!

Wishing you the best and STAY PUT babies vibes...

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

Phew! What a rollercoaster! We also fasted for you here! Isn't prayer and fasting amazing? Miracles! We had our own little one here last night too. I'm glad you spent so many hours typing that blog! It takes me at least an hour to update my blog. BTW, I'm a little offended that you inferred that people with 16 year olds are old. Alex will be 16 in 6 months! He's taking driver's ed right now! And you're not that much younger than me, cous. Is Rori really only 16? She was always so mature for her age! Love you guys! Wish I could be there with you too! Keep up the good work cooking those babies! Also, great tunes!

Morgan said...

What is Rori's Blog?

damien said...

keep up the good work . eat eat eat eat . another mild stone 26 weeks before you know it you will be AT 32 WEEKS .

Amber said...

Rori does not have a blog, although she needs to have one. She is just a guest writer on my blog.

Cori Benson said...

Prayers and thoughts being sent your way from one lds girlie to another! hang in there!!

I can't remember how I feel across your blog, but I have been following it for sometime now!! You are truly an inspiration! Keep it up :)

Misty said...

I am s glad things are going better for you! I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers. You are doing such a great job!
Take care,

The Gerwer Babies said...

I wanted to introduce myself. I am a fellow quad mom too! Girl, i went through so much that you did. I had my kiddos in January (they will be 6 months next week, crazy). I was on procadria. I was admitted on bedrest at 23 1/2 because of contractions.I was on procadria, toco monitors, etc If you ever want to talk please email me, i know you have tons of time in there :) I made it to 29 weeks. Would love to help in any way i can. :)

Sylvia said...

hey Amber this is sylvia I hope all is well for you and the babies I love you tons and miss you a lot to. You are a great person and i am praying for you every minute I can. Hows the rest of the family doing? I hope you make it a few more weeks. you will be a great mom to your kids and you will have a lot of fun with them. you should get a facebook account it is really a fun site I am on it and i have a lot of friends on it. talk to you later. your Cousin Sylvia love and hugsand kisses.

Anonymous said...

Now that I am home for a minute to take care of my job, just wanted to let you know how much I love you!! You are so brave and never complain about your hardship! Sylvia thanks for your comments on the blog. You were a preamie too at 2# and we are sure grateful you are grown up now, with a great education and job! We are lucky to look to you for inspiration! Love you Amber and Mike and all of our friends and family here send you their love and prayers! Love Mom