Tuesday, July 29, 2008

delivery day!!!

Hello everyone this is Rori as of elevenish i officially became an Auntie (and Joe became an Uncle) In the midst of an earthquake (it was a 5.4 earthquake check the Internet if you don't believe me.) Sandy Amber's relief society president said it was heaven announcing the arrival of the DeMaria Quads. Sorry to the rest of San Bernardino who had no idea why the earth was shaking. Mom and the babies are doing splendidly the Doctors are very impressed with my nephews and niece amazing physique but of course as i told Mike all the little ones seem to take after the cute side of the family (Amber and I) and i see no resemblance to him . . . a pity that. seriously they all have dark dark hair and were bigger looking than i thought but i was envisioning something resembling a Polly Pocket..
Baby A:2lb 9oz
Baby B:2lb11oz
Baby C:2lb 4oz
Baby D:1lb 15oz
I will post pictures later when the babies are cleaned up to the peak of cuteness actually i refuse to do more till I get to go see them up close and personal.. Joe and I spent the whole time peaking through the blinds with our nose against the glass while they stabilized the babies. i must mention that our attemps to steal gowns and pretend to be nurses failed:)


KSDallas said...

Thanks for the update! I have been checking all afternoon. Of course the first part of the day I didn't take the time change into consideration. Duh on me. I am 2 hours ahead of you. I was wondering if y'all were in the middle of the earth quake! I actually was in the one that hit back in the early 90s. Crazy experience for anyone who hasn't been in one.

Anyway, glad to hear everyone is doing well. Can't wait for more updates and of course - to see the pics.

Congrats to the new mom, dad, aunts, uncles, etc.


Marci said...

Rori, please tell Amber that I am dying-dying-dying to talk to her, but know she's a little preoccupied right now. I'll give her a day, then try to get through to her. Great post, thanks for all the great info! And pictures need to be posted ASAP!!! Clean or not, come on we need to see those babies!!

Sara said...

Congrats Mom and Dad!!! (and Aunty and Uncle)

Sunny said...

WOOOO HOOOOOO! We're all jumping up and down here! Way to go and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Sonja said...

Congratulations to mom and dad (And Auntie and Uncle)Welcome to the cutie pies. :)
My prayers are with mom in a speedy recovery and babies for their needs and growth. Good size for multiples. Good job momma. (you too dad.... its hard being there watching all this happen and all you can do is watch and pray. good job. :)

Andria said...

In the midst of an earthquake..gotta love California! This must mean these babies were Heaven Sent!


~Andria (Sacramento)

Jenny said...

YAY! Praise God!! i'm so excited that they are all doing well!! Good Job AMBER!! those weights are great!!! still praying that everyone heals and grows and recovers yadda yadda! Love you amber! lemme know if you need anything!
Congrats! can't wait for the pictures!

the schirano triplets said...

congratulations mommy and daddy (and the rest of the family) and welcome to the world little ones! that is crazy that they arrived in the midst of an earthquake - wow! i will keep them in my prayers for a speedy and eventful nicu stay and for mommy to recover quickly. happy birthday babies!

Collegegirl said...

Rori, what would we do without your updates? Thanks for it. Also-looking foward to pictures and more updates!!!

Stephanie said...

You rock Rori..thanks for keeping us updated! Cant wait to see pics! Glad everybody is doing well!
Congrats to everyone!!

Morgan said...

Congradulations! You will make a great family for those sweet babies.

King Quads said...

Yea!! Congrats to the new family, can't wait to see the pictures.

The Gerwer Babies said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome!!! Cant wait to see pictures and hear names. I hope you are recovering well and that the babies are doing great!! Will keep praying for you!!

Claire said...

Congratulations! Thinking of you and wishing good health upon your wee blessings.


Sammy'smommy said...

Congratulations and God bless. Can't wait to see pics

L.Taggart said...

HOORAY! There is always a good reason for an earthquake. Our bunch waited for the prophet to leave his blessing at the end of conference. We need more blessings. If the earth reacts that way for their arrival, I can't wait to see what will happen when they get potty trained, or when they are teenagers!?!?! They are on the road to greatness. Keep up the good work, you are awesome!

Love Lydia :)
(hubby Steve says ditto)

heidibudge said...

Horray!!! We are sooo excited they are here! Can't wait to see them. Let us know when you are ready for visiters!!!

Moni Graf said...

Thank you, Rori, for letting everyone out in blog land know of the safe delivery. You're such an entertaining writer!

Everytime I thought of you guys I said a prayer (which was about a million times today). Amber and Mike, you should be SO proud of all you've accomplished. Can't wait for pics of your darlings.

Now strap in, hold on and get ready for your very own, personal roller coaster... Life with quads is officially on!

Love from KS,

p.s. Amber, take good care of yourself and let the healing happen. You're body is finishing up a hard marathon and you'll need all the strength you can get to handle the stress,emotions and BLESSINGS the Lord bestowed on you.

Misty said...

Congratulations! I'll continue to send prayers your way as you heal and those babies grow stronger to come home! I look forward to the pictures and the names.
Many blessings to you,

The Murray Crew said...

Welcome to the world, DeMaria Babies! You are LOVED! Amber, I totally agree with Moni (gotta listen to the nurse quad mamas - they know their stuff) take it as easy as possible these next few weeks and get yourself mended. =) We are excited for all of you!

Blessings from the Murray Crew

Charity Donovan said...

Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you all! We will keep you in our thoughts & prayers!!!! WELCOME TO QUAD-LIFE!!!! Can't wait to see pics of the newest tinies in blogville!!! Love,
The Donovan Clan

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Babies!

Congratulations to Mom and Dad and the whole extended family.

Can't wait to hear how you are all doing, and since curiosity is killing me to find out their names (I can't imagine that you're calling them A, B, C, and D.

~Denise~ said...

Congrats, and welcome to the world little ones!

Anonymous said...

Rori! You are hilarious! I loved reading what you wrote about the Quads. I'll have to call you Auntie Rori from now on!