Tuesday, July 29, 2008

28 weeks 2 days New Baby Weights

I finally received a copy of the baby weights from last Friday. That ultrasound was pure torture. It took 5 hours. As many of you know from experience it is very difficult to lay on your back for that long when you are pregnant. At one point because Baby A is so low they had to tilt the end of the bed up, which made my head lower than the rest of my body. They still couldn’t get a good view of his little head. Baby C’s head is next to my spinal column. She is so squished they couldn’t see her very well either. Baby D is squished up under my ribcage and Baby B is hogging all the room right in the middle. There isn’t much room left for growing in there.

Here are where the babies are located.
Baby A- maternal left, head in birth canal
Baby B- mid uterus, head down
Baby C- maternal right, head down
Baby D- top of uterus, transverse (horizontal across my uterus)

This is a little different from last time. Baby C (girl) has pushed her way down and she is now 2nd in line. Her head is right on top of Baby A’s and Baby B’s head is laying on Baby C’s shoulder. Baby B had is feet sticking in Baby C’s stomach and was just kicking away. They ultrasound tech tried to get him to stop by pushing on him. I think that he thought his brothers were pushing on him so he just kept kicking away.

Here are the weights as of Friday (27 weeks 6 days)
Baby A- 2 lbs 2 ozs 975 grams
Baby B- 2 lbs 7 ozs 1107 grams
Baby C- 2 lbs 1 ozs 940 grams
Baby D- 1 lb 15 ozs 881 grams

Baby B is our fatty boy and is actually 1 day larger than a singleton baby would be at this time. The other 3 babies are all within a week of what they should be if they were singletons. All of your prayers are being heard. Baby D has grown and is catching up.
All of the babies had the correct organs and the were working correctly. Baby D’s bladder was full. I guess this is a sign that he is using it. The boys were very proud of being boys and our girl was very lady-like, she had her legs crossed at the ankles.

On Saturday night all 4 babies had decels. This was the first time that Baby A had a decel. Baby D was the first to pull out of it. Hooray!! Baby B had the hardest time. They all recovered beautifully. During it my room was full of worried nurses though. I had four nurses standing around me holding on to the monitors and another one settting up the IV and one more paging the doctor. After it was over my nurse told me she was impressed at how calm I was and I told her that I knew everything would be all right and this babies were going to be fine. There are too many praying for us for things not to work out.

Sunday the babies didn’t have any decels. Two of the babies had accelerations which is really good. Accelerations in the heart rate usually occur in 32 week babies and means their lungs are getting ready to work on their own. Hooray again!

Thanks again for the support and prayers. We also really appreciate of the positive comments from other quad and multiples families (Gerwer, Tubres, Grafs, Burketts, Urechs, and everyone else). It is a relief to hear about your positive turn outs. THANK YOU!!

I was working on this all day yesterday and never posted it. Rori or Mike will be posting the next one today after the delivery. I will be out of the networking business for awhile. Thank you again.


Morgan said...

Good Luck and I can't wait to hear how the babies are!

Tubre Quads said...

Good luck Amber! Just relax, take lots of pictures before and after you have them. Don't forget to measure your belly before you go into surgery. Don't let Mike forget the camera. Sorry, but it is a lot to remember. Congratulations...you are going to be a mommy soon! Let us know something when you can and we will be praying hard.

Love yall,

Jennifer said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time. Praying for you guys. Can't wait to see pictures and for an update to hear how you and the babies are doing.


i've been reading your story for a long time. my family is praying for you and your babies.

Collegegirl said...

You will be an awesome mom! Will be waiting for pictures and new stories soon. Good luck and try to relax!!!

Sara said...

Hi I am a lurker at your blog but wanted to post today to say that I will be praying for you and your little ones. Welcome to mommyhood!!!

PS - I am a mom of 4 girls - all singletons!

Sara said...

Hi I am a lurker at your blog but wanted to post today to say that I will be praying for you and your little ones. Welcome to mommyhood!!!

PS - I am a mom of 4 girls - all singletons!

King Quads said...

Can't wait to hear all about your babies "birth" day! We are praying for you guys.

Stephanie said...

Just sending thoughts and prayers your way...I cant wait to hear all about their arrival! I'm sure everything is going smoothly...keep your chin up!!

Andria said...

Sending baby blessing to you and your family! You are an awesome Mommy already!

Niccole said...

My mom just gave me your blog site and said to check it out. This is such a big responsibility and you are the perfect person for it. Hopefully everything goes well today.

- Niccole Curtis