Sunday, July 20, 2008

27 Week Update

Today is 27 weeks and 1 day. We only have 6 days until our next goal. I have procrastinated long enough on the hospital and health update. I have been keeping notes in my "journal" so I remember everything that has been going on.

On Wednesday we had a growth ultrasound. They wheeled me down to the Maternal Fetal Medicine office, where I usually go for my appointments, and I didn’t even have to wait in line. The nurse told them I was on bed rest and to get me in now. I also got the ultrasound tech that I wanted, Brittany. She is the head of the department and is wonderful. Most of these ultrasounds take 2 or more hours and she does them in 45 minutes. She is very efficient and knows exactly what she is doing. It was neat to see the babies so clearly. We didn’t get any pictures because they are so squished there weren’t any Kodak moments. The tech thought that she could get a good 4d picture of Baby A’s lips. By the time she snapped the picture Baby B had moved his hand over Baby A’s face.

Here are the new official weights-
A 1 1b 15 oz 885 g +/- 130 g
B 1 1b 15 oz 889 g +/- 130 g
C 1 lb 14 oz 850 g +/- 130 g
D 1 lb 9 oz 716 g +/- 130 g
454 grams =1 pound

Our little girl ( C ) has caught up to the boys but Boy D has not kept up. We asked how accurate the weights were and she had the computer figure out the accuracy for us. All of the weights are +/- 130 grams. We were very happy to see that most of the babies are very close to 2 pounds. Dr. Oshiro was not happy with Baby D’s growth and said they would monitor him closely. They also checked my cervix with the transvaginal ultrasound and it is officially MIA/AWOL, no where to be found. We already knew this but it had now been verified with technology.

I am now on fetal monitoring for 2 hours a day. I have 6 things hooked up to me. The doctors noticed that B and D were having significantly low drops in their heart rates. They put me on an SO2 (oxygen saturation monitor) at the same time as the fetal monitoring to see if the monitors were picking up my heart rate during these drops. It turns out that they were so the babies are just fine.

Dr. Gallin has been in daily to give me updates on all of this. One thing she is worried about is what she calls "real estate problems". There just isn’t enough room for 4 at the inn. The babies may be stepping on or squishing each others placentas and cutting off nutrients and oxygen. She is worried this is what is happening to Baby D. She said that they would do another growth ultrasound on Baby D next week to see how things are progressing.

Another thing she is worried about is something called HELPP syndrome.
The acronym HELLP was coined in 1982 to describe a syndrome consisting of hemolysis, elevated liver enzyme levels and low platelet count. The syndrome has been considered a variant of preeclampsia, but it can occur on its own or in association with preeclampsia. (

In my last PIH screening they noticed that my platelet levels have dropped. She said they are still at a normal level but the dropping is a sign of HELPP. She talked to me about the signs and symptoms that I need to watch for and told me that they were watching me closely as well. She also said that HELPP occurs more frequently than PIH in women pregnant with triplets and quads. If I do end up getting HELPP we will have to deliver the babies.

I am doing really well. I still have a positive outlook on life, I’m not bored, I don’t hate the nurses or the doctors yet, I still get dressed everyday, I’m still allowed to use the porcelain potty, I can still eat sugar, all is right with the world. Oh and most importantly, I am still an incubator to 4 little babies! Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. It is a great support to Mike and I to know that so many are praying and thinking about us.

Darcy came to visit from Wisconsin. She is out here for a couple of weddings too. I just like to pretend that she came all the way out here just to see ME.

This is the view from my room. I love it! People always try to close my blinds so the sun doesn't bother me but I love it.

You can see that I am growing! The hospital food is helping. I really think it is all the extra treats I get from my visitors. : ) I don't know if you can tell from this picture but my belly is taking on a square shape. The nurses all laugh at me. It is especially noticeable when I have a contraction.


Tubre Quads said...

Congrats on getting to where you are! We too battled HELPP and had one little guy (baby B - Tyger) who was a little behind everyone else. If you ever need to vent or want to chat, feel free to contact me. You are doing a great job - keep eating and drinking lots and don't forget to measure the circumference of your belly and take lots of pictures!

Lots of love and prayers from Louisiana,
Jac & The Gang

~Denise~ said...

Congrats on 27 weeks! I found your blog last week when you mentioned PIH, I'm a HELLP mom myself. I'm crossing everything I have that you can cook these babes a bit longer, and that PE/HELLP stays far, far away from you!

Denise in WI

fourbabies4us said...

Geez Amber,
You didn't tell me about the HELLP's when I called. Hopefully, it's just a false alarm and you'll get to 30 weeks. I can't wait to get out there again. I've managed to get a few free tickets so you'll be seeing more of me than you want!
Lve to you, Mike and the kids (including Wrigley and Maddox.

fourbabies4us said...

Oh, and yes you do look MUCH bigger than last week!

ndn--ct said...

sending a prayer your way. i am qm's (michelle's) cyber friend from the high fsh playgroup. she posted for some prayers and updates now and then. well, i pray you are getting your rest cause when they get here, well, you'll be praying for sleep :)! ps--take in lots of vitamin c to make those placenta's nice and strong.

will be praying for you and can attest that many amazingly wonderful women (from the playgroup) are doing the same.


Collegegirl said...

YAY for 27 weeks!!! Praying that you reach your goal!!!

stranger friend said...

You are doing great! Keep it up!

Sunny said...

Amber, you look beautiful! I can't believe you have 4 in there! I'll pray for stretchy skin for you :)

Moni Graf said...

Hi Amber,
Glad to here you're not going insane yet! I was admitted at 27 weeks to monitor my baby C (our only girl). She had placenta/cord problems so they did biophysical profiles on her daily. Sad to say, but the gurney ride to ultrasound was the highlight of my day! Keep hanging in there - it'll go quicker than you know. You look beautiful!

Love from KS,

damien said...

you look great . eat eat eat we want big healthy babies .

The Gerwer Babies said...

Looking good mama! Your story is so similar to mine its scary!! I had a little one too and she was on room air in 4 days, crazy girl. She went home first too. Shes still my little one. She was born at 1 lbs 15 oz.
Your view was much better than mine. A mine was in dallas and B there was major construction on the buildings across the way and C, it was december and january and cold and dark. :)
You are doing great girl. 28 weeks is huge! You can do it.

Casey MOM to Trey, Reid, Cameron & Brady - quads born 29w on 1/16/08

Sammy'smommy said...

I am a severe Pre-E and HELLP survivor times two. My kids are both well and I am too. HELLP can be scary but we will be saying lots of prayers that HELLP doesn't visit you.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Amber!! Thanks to all your visitors that are helping to keep you company! We love you and will pray for HELP to stay away and that each baby will get their fair share of room and food even if it is a sqishy enviornment!Aunt Lisa and Family send their love and prayers to you too!
We love you!
Your Family

Casey's trio said...

Hang in there! Sending good thoughts your way. Your positive attitude will carry you through..

Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching 27 weeks!

In the future, just say no to the transvaginal ultrasound. They won't learn anything that will alter your treatment and all it does is possibly increase your chance of getting an infection.

Enjoy your pg! It is so great that you have a blog so you can remember all these days.