Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Home Still!

I am still home! Today was a day of celebration for me and a day of mourning for Mike. I didn’t have any changes at my doctor visit so they let me come home. Mike wanted me in the hospital so that he doesn’t have to worry about me. I really did not want to go in the hospital. I think I prayed harder!

We got some 4d pictures of the babies. They were VERY active and it was very hard to get pictures of them. We only have one picture of a face. The rest are of various body parts. The babies were so much bigger than last time. In the middle of my stomach there is a sea of hands and feet and they were all moving, trying to defend their space. Here is the weight chart for the babies. They are all right on track except for our baby girl. She is about a week behind the rest. She is baby C. Their estimated weights range from 1 lb 6 oz to 1 lb 2 oz.

For those of you who can't read the really small chart here is the most important stuff.

Average Ultrasound Age(AUA)= This is the age the are measuring.
Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW)= The babies estimated weight.

Baby A
AUA= 23 weeks 5 days
EFW= 1 lb 6 oz

Baby B
AUA= 23 weeks 6 days
EFW= 1 lb 6 oz

Baby C
AUA= 22 weeks 6 days
EFW= 1 lb 2 oz

Baby D
AUA= 23 weeks 5 days
EFW= 1 lb 5 oz

As for me I am doing great. On Friday my cervix was measuring 1.4-1.7 cm today it measured 1.8-1.9 cm. There isn’t any sign of thinning or opening. This is the main reason I was allowed to go home today. I don’t have any swelling, my blood pressure is still very low, my contractions are mild, and I didn’t have any complaints. Next week I will do the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) again. This will tell me whether I have gestational diabetes (GD) yet. They told me that I would most likely develop GD because of the 4 placentas.

This week I am measuring 34 weeks, last week I was 35 weeks. Mike asked the nurse why there was a change and she said it was most likely because Baby A had dropped so low and Baby C had moved lower as well. This just means I have more pressure on my pelvic area, mainly my bladder. AAAHHHHHHH!!! As if I don’t use the restroom enough already.

I have also been placed on weekly ultrasounds, OB visits, cervical length checks, and NST. NST stands for Fetal Non-Stress Test. Here is the definition I found on the internet:

The test involves attaching one belt to the mother’s abdomen to measure fetal heart rate and another belt to measure contractions. Movement, heart rate and “reactivity” of heart rate to movement is measured for 20-30 minutes.

They measured my contractions today. I thought that I was having 1-2 contractions per hour but after measuring me they found that I was having 1 contraction every 8-9 minutes. The contractions were very mild (Braxton Hicks) so they weren’t too worried.

If anything changes I am supposed to go in immediately, no matter what time it is.

Mike update- He has a couple of new jobs. He is now the house maid and the waitress. I bet he never, ever thought he would hold those jobs or that he would be so good at them. He is doing a wonderful job. He really wants me in the hospital so that he doesn’t have to worry about me when he is at work. I will get there in due time. He is such a worrier. I feel very loved because he worries and cares so much.

Mike has also been thinking about names. He has come up with 5 that he thinks are really good. Here they are: Addison, Sheffield, Waveland, Clark, and Joseph. The first 4 are the streets that line Wrigley field and the last one is his fathers’ name. If only the world revolved around Mike and his Cubs.

Wrigley and Maddox both got hair cuts and are loving it because it has been so hot. They are still being very good “guard dogs”. They both take turns laying their heads on my belly. I don’t know if they can hear the babies or if they just think my big belly is a good head rest.

Thanks for keeping in touch! I love to read your comments, even if I don’t know who you are. It keeps me busy. Also, thank you for everyone that is praying. We are still holding strong!

Now for what all of you have been waiting for, if you didn't skip the reading. Here are the pictures. Good luck deciphering them. I will tell you what I can remember about each one.

This is a picture of baby B’s bottom in the bottom left corner. He is sitting in the middle of my stomach all stretched out. His head is down and his legs are up trying to kick me in the ribs. You can see the leg it is bent. He has his back towards us and is hiding his head. You can see his back and his upper arm. Sorry I’m not too helpful or descriptive, my brain is fried.

All I can say on this one is I think it is her arm. She was hiding and moving soooo much that the tech had a really hard time getting pictures of her. She is breech and stretched out along my whole right side. She is very cramped over there and is trying to fight for her space. We watched one the boys kick her and she punched him right back. She is going to be a tough cookie. She is also responsible for the constant (24/7) movement I feel. I don’t think she sleeps. My personal theory is that she moves so much that she can’t keep her weight up- that is why she is so small. Mike says that I just make stuff up.

This is also our little girl. You can see her little hand right in the middle of the picture. The rest I can’t remember.

I think this is Baby D but we can’t remember and it isn’t labeled for us. This is the only face picture we have of the four. Mike thinks that he looks like him.

Baby A is very, very low. He is ready to be born. I am sure he is going to have a cone head due to being squished in the birth canal so long. Baby D is the highest baby and is on my left side stretched out. His head is to the left and his feet are in the middle, kicking with everyone else.


damien said...

keep up the good work . also since im sure your bored check out the howell blog she just had quints yesterday . dont forget to eat eat eat eat eat .

Michelle said...

Hi Amber, my name is Michelle and I found your blog several weeks ago from the Steeces =)

I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and those adorable babies! I have NO doubt that your little girl will be one heck of a fighter! She'll keep her brothers in check ;)

Good luck to all of you and I look forward to all your further posts!


Jenny Shutan said...

Hi Amber,

I too found your blog from the steece's.
Keep up the sounds like you are really cooking those babies up, which is a great thing.
My husband is from Chicago and is a big cubbies fan as well.
Thoughts and prayers to you and your little ones..

gstuartlv said...

Hi Amber & Mike! This is Glenna - Kristen's mom. I am so excited for you! You are in our thoughts and prayers continually. Kristen has kept us posted and updated. I am sure the two of you are feeling excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. You will have your hands full for sure. Always remember to keep up the great faith, call on your ward family - they need the blessings as much as you do. Even if you don't know them well, CALL on them. Keep in touch with the RS President, the Bishop, and your Visiting Teacher. If you don't know them - give them the opportunity to get to know what wonderful people you are. We care about you and think of you often - hoping that we get to meet these sweet little spirits joining your family! Praying that all will go well with the remaining time till delivery and that the delivery will go smoothly and well for ALL of you! Lots of love - Glenna

Anonymous said...

Amber - It's so exciting to keep up to date through this blog and to follow your (and the babies) progress. It's really cool (and a little freaky) to see the 4-D pictures of the babies. I don't know if baby A/D looks like Mike, but out of 4 he's bound to get at least one.

I've talked to a couple of students, and they aeem surprised to find out that you aren't coming back next year! But, they are all very excited for you. Well I hope you hang in there for the next couple of weeks. Megha and I are going to try to come up next week, but we'll call. Anyway, mantene forte - sorry, like your kids, I'm only half Italian too so I may have messed it up. - Karen