Friday, May 30, 2008

WARNING- may contain baby parts!

Here are the pictures of the babies.

Baby A 4D profile picture. It is a little skeletal looking. You can see the eyes, nose, and the smile. All of the babies were grinning. I am hoping that means they will be happy when they come out too.

Here are the boy parts for Baby A. He's a boy still. This is also a picture of the legs folded up. He is in the lower left quadrant, closest to my cervix.

Baby B gender. He's still a boy! This was the only picture we got of Baby B. I got a little sick during his ultrasound and had to turn on my side, so his pictures were rushed. He is in my lower right quadrant, or bottom right bunk.

Baby C. This is the girl. She is in my upper right quadrant, or top right bunk. Her heart beat was 155 and the boys were 143-146. This picture isn't very clear. It is a profile view of her laying on her back. You can see her eyes, nose, and mouth. She is holding her hand/arm up like she is waving.

This is a picture of our girl in 4D. It looks like there are holes in her head but it is just water in the way. She is looking down. This picture doesn't look as skeletal-like as Baby A's was.

It's a GIRL! not a boy anymore. The ultrasound doctor came in and said that he reviewed the last ultrasound and she was a girl back then too. So her being called a boy was an ultrasound tech error. OOOOPPS.

Baby D profile- He is in my upper left quadrant, right next to Baby C. This is a profile view with him waving. His hand is hard to see. It is in the upper middle of the picture.

Here is the 4D profile of Baby D. He is waving at everyone and is squished against something on the right. You can see his eyes, nose, mouth, and head.

The final boy! Which means we have triplet boys!


King Quads said...

Amber! I am so happy you found me. I can't believe how close we are in our Quad pregnancy! So, you are having three boys and a girl and I am having three girls and a boy...too cool. We are due at the same time, I will be 20 weeks tomorrow. We have to stay in touch for sure.

King Quads said...

One more thing...our quads are in the same quadrants as yours- A is on my lower left, B lower right, C upper right, D upper left. Sometimes people have them in a diamond shape instead of a square, just thought that was cool too!

Misty said...

I found your blog from another quad's blog. Congratulations on getting to 19weeks. I thought for sure we were having 3 boys & a girl, but instead had 4 girls!
Feel free to check out my blog, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me (! i truly know what it's like!!
MOM to gggg quads

McNulty Quads said...

Hi! Found your blog on the King Quads blog.

I have 2 year old quads (b/g/g/g). It's an amazing journey!

Keep up the good work!

I'm here if you ever need anything!

Gen McNulty

Burkett Quad Squad said...

Ditto what Gen said...(btw she is DEFINITELY someone to look up to!! i love her!) i found your blog through the king's. We have 10 mos old quads 2 boys 2 girls. IT"S AWESOME!! you're going to love it!

Let me know if you need anything..have questions..etc:)

Jenny Burkett

Marci said...

Wow! Am I the only one that actually knows you? I guess you are entering a world unknown to me. Corey and I are starting to wonder if we still want 4, eventually! I can't imagine getting them all at once. At least you're someone that can't handle being bored, your free time days are soon to be over! I want to plan a trip out, but want to see the babies when I go so I'll have to figure out with you when you think for sure they'll be delivered by. Darcy also wants to come, she feels like you're an old friend because I talk about you all the time. We'll get something planned, and come invade your world for a few days, at least. I love you and wish we lived close so we could do couple things like we used to do single things together. Maybe someday, we'll see.

Sunny said...

AMBER!!!! I'm so glad your mom gave you my blog address! HOW ARE YOU??? I can't believe you're having 4 babies! My sister in law's brother has quintuplets! They adopted a baby, then 8 mos later had the quints, then 2 years later had another baby! 7 babies under 3! I know you can do it! It sounds like you have found a great support network of other quad parents. That is so wonderful! When are you moving by your mom? Good luck with the pregnancy! Be sure to email me lots when you're on bedrest!

Anonymous said...

Amber!!!we are so happy you have reached so many weeks we love you
love mom