Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally or Already Registered

One of my best friends, Michelle, flew in this past weekend to visit and to help me register. She too has quadruplets. I was so overwhelmed and lost when I even tried to think about what we would need when the babies came. People were asking what I needed and I could only respond with, "Diapers". Michelle took me to Babies R Us and helped me figure it all out. It was so nice to have a girls day out too. I have been cooped up for 5 months. She got me out of jail for the day. HOORAY! I am so grateful to her.

This past week I was able to go on the Six Flags Field Trip and had a lot of fun. I wasn't able to go on any rides, not even the Merry-Go-Round. I love field trips because you get to see the students in a relaxed setting and they are so much fun. I am really going to miss teaching this next year. I guess just until the babies come and then I will be too busy and I will have my own children to love.

My next doctor appointment is on Wednesday. My glucose level was normal! No worries yet. I will get the DVD of the last ultrasound on Wednesday too. I will post those pictures. Our camera was stolen when Mikes car was broken in to so we have been taking pictures on a disposable. Sorry for the drought. We have ordered a new one that is supposed to be here in 2 weeks. For all of you who keep requesting "belly pictures" they are being taken. I will post those too.

Love, Mike, Amber and the 4 boys

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